Saturday, March 7, 2015

GPS devices

MARION in NZ - those GPS devices aren't always reliable (LOL).    I've read internet accounts of people spelling the destination correctly, but the GPS programming was a bit off and they got lost.  Recently, we had some bad storms here in the U.S. and horrible flooding as a result.  The news carried a story of a (not-too-bright) woman who went around "Road Closed Due to High Water"  and right into a flooded road.  She had to be rescued!  Her excuse was that her GPS unit directed her to drive down that street.   Um... hel-lo?!?   

I rather like your over-size photos of summer and the beach, so don't worry too much about that.  We have the option here on this "blog" for the size of the photo when we post it.  I don't know if that option shows up on the iPad.  I always post from my desktop PC.

We had snow again this week.  Three inches, and it was a pretty snow with no ice.  Because it was snow, or else our little dog Sophie finally adapted to all that cold white stuff,  she got down to business and did her business, right off the bat this time.  Hooray!    Nonetheless, three inches of snow managed to disrupt lives, schedules, and the rhythm of the state (it was a large storm --- "Thor")  When did they begin naming winter snow storms???

ON THE BRIGHTER SIDE (because I am SO over winter!) I recently finished reading Show Dog  by Josh Dean.   The non-fiction  book follows a dog and its owner from puppy purchase to the dog show circuit.  The original owner never planned to show the dog when she bought it.   The writing is entertaining as well as informative.   I never had a desire to show a dog, and this book reinforced it.   I borrowed it from my local library and ended up buying my own copy because I will definitely read it again.   All the information about how the dog show system works, with earning points and such, and what it takes to qualify for Westminster (and I imagine Crufts works the same way), was fascinating.  There is so much info, however, that I'll read it again so that I can fully digest it all.

Stay warm, everyone, especially Rosey up there  in Canada!!!
Hugs to all.

Friday, March 6, 2015

That sounded so easy didn't it ?

The bit about going to a nearby beach and enjoying a walk.....  Not so !  

Thanks to the DH neglecting to check the spelling of our desired destination, th GPS took us around the suburbs of the city for quite some time.... I actually knew the way to the beach , but himself wasn't sure and thought he was better to rely on the G.P.S.. than his wife...!?!    Big mistake !  

Eventually I felt obliged to point out that we were driving inland. He thought it wise to stop and reconsider when he saw the sign  saying Airport and Motorway.    We were aiming for  Maraetai , a Maori spelling for a lovely beach area.   It is pronounced something like "My right eye.  ".  I asked if he had checked the spelling ... no.....he had decided that Muritie was close enough..... there must be somewhere called something like that , as the GPS lady was patiently telling us to "turn left, turn right etc. etc." 

We typed in the right spelling and our problems were over.  We arrived in time for lunch and enjoyed a good long walk.  These machines and gadgets, designed to simplify our lives, are only as good as their operators...  That is my thought for today !


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Back in Auckland.

Here we are , back in Auckland , with the family of technical whizz kids !  DGD and I spent a long time last night,  trying to see how to reduce the size of photos when I use the IPad to post to this page.    She downloaded yet another Ap and clicked her way through lots of options , but it was far too complicated for me to follow , so It doesn't look hopeful ....  maybe she'll feel fresher tonight and come up with a simple option !   I know its not a huge problem , but I do feel enbarrassed when I see how large the photos appear.   She also commentated that my photos were of a poorer quality than the other photos on the BB !!  Maybe they are posted from camera taken photos , not IPad taken photos, or wouldn't that make any difference !?!. You can see that I well out of my depth here !!! I am far happier with pen and paper .....

Everyone is out today, either at school , Uni or work , so DH and I will drive to a nearby beach and enjoy a good walk.  It's a windy morning , but still hot and dry. the country side needs rain , and lots of it !


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Big move to beach tomorrow

For those of you who are freezing (Rosey) my weather report says it is -2 in Winnipeg , and it is 85 here!  Go figure.  Monday I was over at the condo moving in boxes, and it was so foggy out the sliding glass door you couldn't even see there was an ocean there.  DH spent the night there on an air mattress as the Air Conditioner workers were to be there at 8AM.  So hopefully we will have coolness.
The movers are arriving at 8:30 AM, most everything is in boxes, except the big furniture.  They will take the large mirrors and the Big flat screen TV  first.  Then the other heavy things, and the bed.  It's been so long since we've moved I forgot how to do it!
Only taking about 1/2 of the things from the house, and about 1/2 of things from storage.  In we weeks we will have an estate sale with the rest of everything.
I have a safe deposit box at our local bank with the family silverware, and a few things in it.  I'll close it out on Monday and take the stuff over.
I'm so looking forward to setting up my quilting space and getting back into quilting.  Will have to make something "beachy".
Sara in Fla.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Cornflower Glass Festival
Have tried to reach Heather Schooler via the telephone, keep getting an odd busy signal so my call isn't working.  I don't know if Heather picks up on the Chat Board now or not.  The Cornflower Glass Festival is being held above, on June 7th...Andy may want to know about it...

house in Taupo

We now own a fantastic house in Taupo but not moving until Nov.They have another house but it is not available until Nov and it suits us to go there then. I need to make/purchase/ find, winter clothing. It is very cold sometimes when the wind is blowing off the mountain and after Auckland I need lots of thermals socks gloves and make a cover for my boy,he has never seen snow. I am starting to wonder if it will be fair to take him,but otherwise it will be afinal trip to the vet . He is now eleven and has arthritis.I always say it is quality not quantity of life but when you are faced with the decision things are different.I am going to be able to walk there, there is a walk around the lake which is flat and Grant is going to unload me somewhere there go for coffee and collect me later. In his dreams if he thinks I will be left there on my own , he will probably forget me until after lunch!!! We did see a couple using wheelchairs so it will be flat. IT is quite funny really I started my married life in Taupo at the same Bay and will probably finish it there. Grant was too small to remember the place but I do and feel as though I will be going home.Hugs to all ,Bee at the moment very very hot .