Saturday, July 28, 2007

Spam, again

I awoke, after a disrupted night tripping off to the loo so many times I lost count, only to fall into a deep sleep, naturally, close to morning and I have B&B guests to feed. It's a misty, coolish morning here in Ontario after much needed rain last evening but not nearly enough to sate the poor yellow grass. And when I turned on my computer what should greet me but this: "Paradise in Bed"....well, at my age, paradise is peace of mind, seeing my family, having my husband stay on an even keel, my health, his, my family's health, but paradise in bed would be having a good night's sleep at this stage of my life.

Which brings me to the fact that Sue & Eric might wish to eliminate their other two public sites. I looked to see news of Kitty, that Marge had mentioned and found nothing but ads for car insurance, Viagara and other offensive postings. Maybe it's like using a salt lick to attract deer...a loss leader to keep the wolves at bay, leaving a site where all this spam and offensive junk can be posted, I don't know.

Jane, I simply don't understand how that mess came about with your emails on the Ashville Quilt Guild does the internet work that way? And it's nice that some of you are persistant enough to make sure we all get on this board and enjoy posting.

Marian, good to hear from you and that your weather is improving down under.

Better head off, I can hear people stirring. The pace is letting up after a busy month and August will be, I expect, a respite for a busy Sept. ahead.


Friday, July 27, 2007


I just got a response from Eric to my request to him on behalf of Anna:

"Sorry about the delay , Sue is in a graduate class, while I am very busy at work. I'll try to get caught up on invites Saturday.. "

It appears that Anna may not be the only one waiting.



Thanks to Judy and Jane for their effort's on behalf of Anna. It would be good to hear from her again. I didn't realize that some people had trouble getting to this new format. It was very straightforward for me.

Sorry to hear that you have had a difficult time Jean. I hope things are better now. It was good of you to contact Kitty. I was sorry to hear the news. She was very much part of the BB when I first joined and always so caring of others.

What a shock for you Jane to find your emails there"in front of the whole world " !!! So good that you managed to find out how they came to be there. !

What a busy time you have had Sara but how nice to be able to do all that for your mother.

All is well here. We've had some warm and sunny days this week and my crocus's are out so we are all feeling that Spring can't be far away ! I have "reclaimed " the spare room for my sewing and feel good about that. It was like being without my "cuddly rug" having no place to go !!

Enjoy your w/end. We are off to see "Amazing Grace"


back at home/then gone again

Greeting from hot,sweaty Florida. I drove back from WPB today, and got straight to taking a nap. Did a lot of things with my 89yr. old Mom. We went to see Evan Almighty, out to lunch and dinner several times, and to the fancy-smancy mall in Boca Raton. Drove up and down A1A in Palm Beach and Worth Ave. Ahh! The ocean is a lovely blue-green-teal color. It was 95 most days and afternoon storms. I cleaned up Mom's kitchen. Threw away two large garbage bags of expired cake mixes,flour,cereal, canned things. Straightend/washed 3 drawers of "stuff" and put down new shelf paper. I ran the dishwasher every day with loads of dishes, crystal, and so forth.
We did get out to the Boca Town center and go to Nordstrom's summer sale and each bought new Nike's. They were on sale. Pushed her around in a wheel chair, the mall is lovely. We had a lunch at Neiman-Marcus. Not much to brag about IMHO.
Almost every evening I rented a movie to give her something to watch.
I got her to the local agg. building to explore the gardens. I was dripping sweat pushing her at 10:00 AM. The master gardner in the office was quite helpful with my questions on palm trees, and tropical plants. One of Mom's neighbors has a beautiful yard with all sorts of tropical plants. Maybe I can grow one or two here if I keep them in pots and bring them inside in the cold weather.
Tomorrow we are off to Charleston to kayak, bike, golf and eat bar-b-q.
I'll probably have to go on a fast when I return to get off all the extra pounds.
Sara in sweaty Fla.

News From Anna in Spain

Anna has not been able to receive an invitation to join BB Chat. I thought perhaps she could bring everyone up to date on her life by making comments to this posting.


Thursday, July 26, 2007


I just went back to Google and made the same search. The connection to my email was labeled as connections stored on MY computer. It still gives me the willies. But it's not as bad as I thought at first.



I just googled Asheville Quilt Guild and there in front of the whole world at the top of the list yet, as a long string of emails exchanged between daughter and me with the word guild as links. I'm going to try to track this down. Don't EVER assume that your email is private. The Asheville Guild's site was there too so I got the information I was seeking re their upcoming show. Needless to say, though, the experience gives me the creeps. Not only was my personal correspondence there but both our email address. YIKES! Fortunately it was just family chat and I mentioned happenings at my guild.

Jane in NC

Spam on old board

My goodness, I wonder why Sue & Eric keep the old boards going on the internet...they are massively full of spam.

Jean, I'm sorry to hear about Kitty's unfortunate news. After all her determination and bravery in the face of her cancer, now this. Now to come to terms with this change. When others suffer we can empathize; when it's us, it's devastating.

The summer is flying by on the wings of work with the B&B, personal friends from Florida visiting, which was such a treat for us, driving here and there, fueling my body with all those road toxins, car exhaust, etc. leading to wild dreams at night and a rather pasty looking face beneath this mop of hair which is going in this morning to be trimmed.

And I bought myself something I've thought would be fun in the pool inflated plastic chair for the pool. I can envision myself reading a book, eating bon bons and sipping cognac while floating in my pool. Do you think I'll reach this the book will be as far as I get...allergic to chocolate and I'm out of cognac !


Sunday, July 22, 2007

News about kitty

Hi Jean, I am sorry to here Kitty is not doing well. She certainly has had a long hard battle with this terrible disease. I always read her updates on the WWQP. I also read this chat page often. Nice to hear the cat population has decreased in your area, or so it seems. You are a very caring and busy person. Do you ever get time to quilt?? You all have a nice day. Marge in very cool Pa. which is a welcome releif from the weather we have been having,