Saturday, August 8, 2009


Meeting Lavinia was as satifying for me as it seems to have been for her. LAVINIA, don't forget that when I head north to see the grands & DD I go right by Johnson City so I might just show up on your door step some day. I might go that way for Thanksgiving but nothing's firm.

I was overwhelmed at the show itself with quilts that were grossly over quilted (quilted to death) as someone said on this board. So many quilts looked like they had the consistency of sheet metal. On the other hand I did see some lovely hand work of piecing, applique and good old hand quilting that knocked my socks off. The grand prize winner was almost over quilted but since it was done with incredible hand quilting on a large bed sized quilt it had the quality of softness in appearence. I tilt my hat. I see nothing wrong with machine quilting per se; some effects are only possible with that method. It's just that in quilting more is not necessarily better in my view. I feel the same way about some composers, Lizst for one, whose music seems to be written for simple speed demanding dexterity and the highest possible decibel level. That's not art to my way of thinking. That is virtuosity and not much more.

My friend and I both ran out of steam after about four hours and we left before seeing every last quilt. I made a quick run around to many of the vendors and bought nothing. Congratulate me please. I did make a bid on an unexceptional but cute Christmas wall hanging. The guild is huge and there were many up for the silent auction. They were up in various groups, each benefitting a named charitable organization. I bid because the amazing rehab hospital where I spent three weeks after my accident last year was one of those beneficiaries. Mine was the first bid and the lowest to be accepted was $25 but I jumped in for $40 just to hike the potential profit. Who knows, I might get a phone call next week. I'd love to have that Santa to hang over the fire place.

I'm leaving for CA on the 19th so the big day is fairly nipping at my heels. Today I talked to the bride for the first time in quite a while and she was very stressed and tired. Said she was taking the first day off in 14 days. The whole huge hospital where she is director of rehab is converting over to and entirely new computer system. The training is missing a lot of crucial points and she asked her staff to come in last Saturday to work it and DD and staff members put in two days solving a lot of the software problems and getting their stuff loaded up. She says she's very proud of them as they did a much better job than the official training they'd had would have allowed and they were very cheerful about being at work over the weekend. I can tell from here that she is a fantastic manager to get things done that way and have the respect and friendship of the staff. The whole staff is caught up in the wedding plans and excitement. I'm so proud of her! Excuse the brag.

Bed time approacheth,

Thanks Y'all

Thanks, everyone, for the input. Interesting, isn't it? (At least I thought so).

lavinia's question

Lavinia, I would not qualify as an official quilt judge as I have not passed the instructor's course that has now been designed to qualify someone to judge a quilt. However, I have judged quilts for guilds over the years, as well as Women's Institutes. That was when I was teaching quilting in the seventies to the eighties. Then, along came the quest for such perfection when quilts are entered into exhibits that I, now, would be too afraid to submit my quilts to the quilt police. New expressions have entered into the quilt world since I took time off to go to art college during the eighties. For example: air in my binding. Apparently there should be none. Now, I asked: what is air in my binding? I was told, floppy binding, nothing in there but air supposedly. So, not being familiar with all these new quilt terms and what quilters 'have' to do to qualify for the judges, it makes me very nervous these days. I have always exteneded my batting into my binding simply because it gave it dimension and body. I guess that would qualify today because I don't have air in my binding. Frankly, I think quilts that are being judged are reaching such heights of anal perfection that I don't know why anyone would submit a quilt to be judged. It dismays me that this is happening because it intimidates and overwhelms newcomers who strive to do their best but are apologetic to submit a perfectly nicely sewn quilt to an exhibit because of all the rules and regulations they are supposed to meet.

But one thing the judges don't seem to stress is good design.

So, Lavinia, I'm told, you are not allowed to have "air in your binding".

Phooey to all these rules and regulations. Fill out the bindings with batting because it looks better and stands up to wear better because flat bindings aren't as attractive but otherwise, do what makes you (generically speaking) happy.


Friday, August 7, 2009

Met Up with Jane!! Question for Judges!!!

At long last, Jane/NC and I met today at the Asheville Quilt Show. What a terrific lady! Hope we get to meet again!

Anyone who does judging or helps with it, here's a question for you. A friend was taught to "fill out" her binding so it would be full. But in a note from a Judge, it said "binding should lay flat and straight." (She had measured x amount of inches on the border and used a long ruler to cut the sides straight before binding). OK, kiddies, which is it?? Or is that a Judge's personal choice type thing?? All help appreciated. Lavinia

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

So glad to be back on the board

Lots of things happening in Fla.
We had a lightning strike by the house last Tuesday, the cable, phones, were out for 4 days. Internet too. One little TV in the kitchen was fried, as was the garage door opener. Two electric outlets were fried. I'm glad the house didn't catch on fire!
Been playing catch up.
Now the guys who are doing the tile for the kitchen, laundry room and 1 bath are here. They spent 8 hrs. yesterday jack-hammering out the old tile, and today did the tile in the bathroom. It will be lovely when finished. The whole house is DUSTY. The walls are dusty!.
Fortunatly DH is in the A/C business, as we had to have the central unit turned off, he had a worker come out and give me a window unit, so I could hide in there all day yesterday, and most of today.
It was 85 with 68% humidity as of 4:00 PM. --inside the house. I have just turned the unit back on, so in about 30 min. it should cool off.
I'm going to quilt guild meeting at 7:00 tonight, haven't been since Jan. It will be good to get together with some women and talk "quilt".
Another thunder storm is coming this way, so will sign off. Going to call the electric Co. tomorrow and see about a whole house serge proctector.
Fortunately the big screen TV had it's own, as well as the computer.
Sara is soggy Fla.

And, nor could I

The page came up "Cannot be displayed".

Must have been some problem over the week-end and perhaps it wasn't being monitored. It was off several weeks ago as well at my end, at least.

Lovely summer weather here in southern Ontario...thankfully, few of those really hot days that marks summer for us and not great for cottage-goers but the cooler temperatures are easier to deal with and as long as I can keep my windows open and the fresh breezes coming in, that's summer to me.

Glad to see the board operational.


page difficulties

She meant she couldn't get the page to come up at all. Neither could I! I'm so glad to see it again.
Thanks Eric!

Monday, August 3, 2009


Doris tells me she can't "get on" the chat page. Don't know if she means can't access or can't post. Just thought I'd test it. So far so good.