Saturday, December 8, 2012

Is this really winter?

Our highs have been in the low 60s(F) here for the past week.  Some of our botanicals are quite confused.  Yesterday, I played golf (63F outside) and a cherry tree was blooming on the golf course.   (see photo... the iPhone is so handy! LOL)

Some of our daffodils have pushed up with their Spring growth and are four inches tall!

It's raining here today, a good day to stay indoors and think about wrapping Christmas presents.   :-)

The kitchen is finished, sorted out and unpacked.  What a difference it makes!   The house had a 26 year-old electric coil cooktop that we retired, and we bought a new induction (electric) cooktop and we absolutely love it!  Our cookware was already the right type (tri-ply magnetic stainless steel and my old cast iron skillets).    DH and I both really love cooking on it, and so easy to wipe clean.   This alone made the whole remodel worth the bother.  

ROSEY P - What is the name of those glorious pink flowers in your photo?  

Hugs to everyone!!!

Friday, December 7, 2012

No more flowers.  Winter is not far ahead of us here in Southern Ontario, Canada, although this week-end promises to bring rain.  It's also warming up and becoming foggy outside as the afternoon draws to an end and in a few minutes it will be inky black outside.  This morning, waking up, I looked down over the pasture next door which had been uncut this year and found two deer having their breakfast.  Annie, who sleeps on the window box, announced that there were deer outside close to the house but she was good this time in not barking and scaring them off.  I wondered how things worked in this universe of ours that the deer are the exact same colour as the dead field grass...brown.  Their camouflage at this time of year which is not far past the week of hunting season, is very good. Annie and the puppy had baths this afternoon and I managed not to come away soaked to the skin this time.  The pup, Meg, was very good once I got her into the tub.  This house does not have a laundry tub oddly enough and I have to use the guest Victorian cast iron bathtub so the room needed 'dehairing' totally when through.  Bad enough to find human hair in a guest bathroom for B&B guests...but dog

Thursday, December 6, 2012

People continue to have problems trying to post here. I just posted this on the Yahoo group and thought it might help someone reading here:

I feel your pain. :)  Let me see if I can walk us through the process. Go to the BB or BBChat page. In the upper right hand corner of the page,in tiny letters, there are the options 'create blog' and 'sign in.' Click on 'sign in', and you will be taken to a page that invites you to create a blog on the left or sign in with your email address and password on the right. Sign in. If you can not remember your password, click on the bit for help accessing your account and it will help find you. Otherwise sign in. That gets you to a page where you can click on "new post" and that will get you a box to post in. Really. That is how I get there on those rare occasions when I have something to say.
And now I think I will take this post and copy it to the BB. :)
Jean (still at Mill Bay)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas music

Listening to Josh Grobin this morning sing Christmas songs, decorating.   I have 3 wise men (wire with lights) in the front yard this year, with 6 poinsettia plants.  Decorated the kitchen this morning, and some in the dining room.  Finally (well, almost) finished putting away all Mom's things, just a pile of paperwork that I have moved to a chair.  At least I can get to the table now.
Waiting for the fog to lift before going to see Mom this morning.  It is humid here, and warm, so we get lots of fog.
Other than catching up on laundry, having a quiet day.
Has anyone had success with decorating sugar cookies for Christmas?  I have a feeling that I am too impatient, need to refridgerate  overnight, then roll out, etc.  Has anyone done the royal icing on cookies?  Need to know if it is worth the trouble.
Sara in Fla.