Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bragging rights...and a little $$$

My quilt, If You're Gonna Be a Bear, Be a Grizz, tied for the People's Choice award at the Eureka Montana Quilt show earlier this month.  A prize money check arrived in the mail this week!  The Eureka show is a nice show, all outdoors with the exception of a couple of special exhibits, not as big as the Sisters show, but it's growing.

We had a good time camping in the area.  Gus (left) and Murphy spent a good deal of time in the water.  We also headed north into Canada for lunch one day.  Eureka is only about six miles from the BC border.

On another note, I don't know if any of you are following the fire season in the west.  One of the large ones in Idaho is about seven or eight miles from our cabin.  So far it's moving in the opposite direction, but we are keeping a close eye on things and will go up and get a few things out if the need arises.


Monday, August 13, 2012


It's taken me so long to get here I've quite forgotten what I was going to say !!

  Thank you to those who have posted photos.    Doris,  Washington DC sounds the perfect place for an interesting holiday, so much to see and do.  Imagine having enough museums to  visit two a day....
 Here we are in danger of dying from boredom . A lot f things are still closed, I am not happy to visit any of the Shopping Malls or the cinemas they house, the weather has been worse than awful and now we have volcanoes in the Nth Island, puffing quietly away...  When I first met my Kiwi husband and decided to join him here in NZ., my sister warned me about earthquakes and volcanoes.!!!    I've been here for nearly fifty years and experienced neither.  Two years ago that all changed , we are now regularly shaken by after-shocks and now the volcanoes have decided to join in the fun...

We have had cold, wet weather for weeks and we are all tired of it. The ground is very soggy and the spring bulbs are slow to show themselves.  Added to that the DH hasn't been well and we suddenly seem to have become an old couple, sitting in front of the fire all day !  I have done some quilting ofcourse, and we have watched the Olympics, I have also read lots of books.  It was "almost" warm for an hour or two on Sunday afternoon and I had a busy time in the garden. Felt so much better for it too.  It was good to see that so many plants were coming back to life and the many bulbs only weeks away from flowering.

So, the Olympics are over.     Unlike Bee I didn't stay up late to watch events but we enjoyed replays  during the day.  All those super fit, good looking young people...sigh.... remember when ?!?

Thank you to our 'regulars" who keep the board alive.  I've made some good friends here and it would be so sad if we lost contact with each other.

Have a good day.

Another grandson for Heather Schooler in Canada

Heather seems unable to post to the Chat Board blog (as others seem unable to as well) and asked if I would post this lovely picture of their latest grandSON Oliver...all boys in the family at the moment. Heather & Andy had three boys, now all the grandchildren are boys...imagine the fun they are all having. They'll soon have their own soccer team at this rate.

I suspect Heather will be busy making more quilts.


Monday morning

Well I can't figure out how to post a pic so I will send one to Rosey who has graciously said she would......

We have been gifted with another beautiful grandson on August 7th at 9:44pm.
Oliver Schooler arrived safe and sound weighing in at 6lbs 12oz and a full head of hair !  
There is nothing more joyous than holding a new grandson in my pure and perfect....

MOm and Dad are exhausted!  Big brother Preston isn't quite sure how is world changed
after 2 1/2 years of being the centre of the universe!  But he is getting used to all this baby baby fussing going on around him.  

Off to get ready for Preston for the day.  Dad needs to go to work and mommy will fly solo with Oliver for the day.... 

Left handed day

I really read this in the Sunday paper, not making it up.  Today in the US is national left handed day.
So all you lefties out there, do something to celebrate your left-handness.   Not sure what that would be.  I  for one am going to spend abt. an hour straightening and digging out my quilt room.   Totally a mess.
For now I'm starting off the day with a cup of coffee and then a 2 mile walk.
Happy Monday.
Sara in Fla. --recovering from too much TV during the Olympics