Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Easter..

Yet another change in the form to access the board !  This one seems more straightforward so I hope it works.     A long time since I posted and no real reason or excuse.  We have had a busy run, with time away, visitors staying and home appliances blowing up, but other than that, life continues more or less as normal.

Our deep freeze stopped working two weeks ago, full of food ofcourse, as most rural freezers are.  Fortunately we were able to replace it .Transferring the food unearthed some interesting goodies...I aim to keep a better eye on the contents and not let "things" fall to the bottom and stay there for years... Yesterday fuses blew in the kitchen and we can't seem to locate the problem. We have an electrician booked in for early Tuesday morning , until then, most things are switched off !  Fortunately we will be out for most meals ..

We had visitors recently and they invited us to join them out for a meal in Christchurch. Since the earthquake this is something we seldom do.  On this occasion they had chosen a place that we had never heard of, but off we went, full of curiosity . It wasn't easy to find and but, once there, we knew we had stumbled across something special. The service was unbelievable and the menu very tempting.  The DH enjoys seafood so asked for the fish soup as a starter...(I'm more of a main course only, sort of diner)  When the chosen dish arrived it looked like a few flakes of fish topped with ONE scallop, accompanied by a small teapot containing a coloured (and no doubt very flavoursome !) liquid.... (I was tempted to shout "The emperor has no clothes !!!)  The main meals were quite delicious and those who had desserts enjoyed them too... Fortunately when our friend went to settle the account, my DH went with him..It was HUGE.....we're talking a months groceries here ...he was very pleased to have the DH there to share the cost..... Lesson learnt...if you need prices on the menu you shouldn't be there !!! The place was packed, the service incredible and the food delicious... but.. not for the likes of us !!  Turns out this place is the number one dining place in NZ and has been, for the last three years. They don't advertise and it's all about word of mouth..I'm sure our visitors will have something to say to whoever it was that mentioned it to them !

The next few weeks look busy  . The grandchildren are coming to stay (3 teenagers ) and when they leave we have workmen coming to repair the earthquake damage here... "cosmetic"  damage not structural, but they think they will be here for three weeks...

We have had lovely weather for the Easter w/end and have been home based. A good time to keep off the roads as people are out towing boats and caravans, wanting to make the most of the last holiday w/end before the colder weather comes.


Hoppy Easter

Murphy, the tripawd, is wishing all of you a very "hoppy" Easter.  He is doing amazingly well and will be starting physical therapy in the next week or so.


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

this & that

I see on the other board that some of us are losing the quilting bug.  Well, I've lost the DIY bug.  In years past I have painted walls, doors, made crafts, etc.  Now I decided that I only have so many hours in the day and so much energy.  I'd rather spend my time reading and quilting.
So, I have 2 painters here --one doing the front door, one doing the back door.  The back had some wood rot, which was fixed 2 weeks ago, and they are simply painting it the same shade of brown.  The front is being transformed from traditional bottle green to a brick red.  (or maybe just a shade brighter than brick).  Yes, I could do it, but I'd rather quilt.  Besides it is hard on the knees and back to do all that.
Doris- I think I enhaled enough paint fumes to give me a headach.  That with the pollen.  This has been an especially bad year for pollen.  I know that one of the reasons the VOC's were removed from most paints is the poision factor.  The spray paint still has the VOCs.
I have the "tree 'o life" quilt top in the dryer.  the top is finished except for puting on some yo-yo's for the flowers.  Am meeting a GF at Jo-Ann's tomorrow for her to pick out fabric for her daughter's T shirt quilt.  Will try to find backing for the tree also.
Getting ready for Easter here.  Going to break the bank and buy a Honeybaked Ham.  DH wants it, and he is the $$ person, so I'll not put up a fight.  Been having a hard time with Mom lately, she has this "fake cry" when she sits on the potty chair, when a CNA doesn't come help her fast enough.  The few times I've tried to clean her up I've made more of a mess.  So, today she had to sit there for 6 or 7 min. waiting for help.  She was a total drama queen about it.
I bought her a few new night gowns, a robe, and some new blouses to replace the old polyester double knit things with food stains.  Had her change into the new PJ set, and she was happy when I left.  Wanted her to go to Easter church, but it is too much for her.  Last Easter we were in the ER for 8 hrs. when she fell.
So, if I don't post again,, happy Easter!  Spring will come some time.
Sara in fla.