Wednesday, September 16, 2015



Rainy Florida

Good to hear from Fran & Marion.  Selling and moving are hard work for sure!  I (we) have been here about 6 months, and it doesn't feel like home yet.
I went to one of my doctors yesterday and she asked me how I was adjusting, and I mentioned that, and she said it takes 2 years!  Oh, I've been way too hard on myself.
We are having a mini-nor'-easter as I guess it is called.  Lots of rain gusts and 20 mph winds off and on for 2 days, and expecting for 2 more days.  This is when I'm glad to be rid of the house, as the driveway would flood, weeds grow faster than grass, etc.  Not to mention the roaches that would find their way into the house.
Trying to quilt a bit, but the fingers swell up with the wetness.  Trying to learn to pace myself.
The big Quilt fest is next week on Thurs, Fri. and Sat.  The guilds put it together, but IMHO it is way too big.  I'm going to look but not doing anything else much.
Off to a warm bath.
Sara in not-sunny Fla.

Monday, September 14, 2015

and Spring in N.Z. ....

and with the daffodils came a surprising return of energy and determination to "try again" to "Post " on this board !

Sorry it's been so long.  The last few months have been difficult and the frustration of the BB became just another thing I could do without.  My Grand-daughter was here last week for a few days, and reminded me that she had down loaded  a "blogger" last time she was here and it takes me straight to the posting page ....... growing older should come with warnings don't you think ??

Great to hear your news Fran , though very sorry to hear the bit about you getting the shingles.  Nasty.  Take care , I hope the medication helps.  When I had shingles a few years ago,I got off very lightly but the medication made me feel sick !   Sounds as if the new home is working out well for you.  What a big job.  We have finally put our property on the market ... the billboard went up at the end of our road yesterday and another one at the end of the drive...Not sure I like all that, but I suppose the more people who see the place, the more chance we have of selling it.  We have been talking about doing this for the past few years and now it's done we are wondering what the hurry is ! Everybody says don't leave it too long, do it while you are both fit etc etc .. In a few weeks time I will be on the wrong side of 75, DH is there already, maybe it's sensible to do it now...  My sister left it until they were both over 80 and it nearly killed them both !!   Next where will we go ??  We have found a place on two acres, this side of our small town,and hope that it will still be on the market when we sell  .  We tried to get them to accept a conditional offer but they didn't want to and we didn't want to buy before we had sold...all very trying and I'm sure many of you will know all about it !

We've had a few health scares this winter, but nothing we can't handle.  It's been a particularly cold and long winter and we are very pleased to see the welcome signs of Spring (I'd never cope with the winters that some of you have to endure..)  We haven't been away at all, as our time has largely been taken with health issues and funerals ..   A few bright spots here and there ofcourse !  I hasn't been all bad.

  Last week the grand-daughter visited, She is nearly 20 and was having a "relationship" crisis  !!!  She has had the same boy friend since she was 14 when they were in the same cycling team at school.  He's a nice lad and they have become very much a part of each others families.  I think this is what scared her.  She is in her second year at Uni and she is off to the UK for two months at Christmas time and suddenly the future seemed to be opening up to all sorts of exciting possibilities..  She suggested to the young man that they "take a break"but remain friends, he was upset, That upset her and she had a dramatic w/end of crying into the pillow !  (shouldn't's SO painful ).  She always rings me when there is a problem.. (just to get a listening ear, not for advice !)  The best I could offer was to pay for her to fly down for a day or two.(she was on holiday )  She phoned back, all of five minutes later, to say that she had her booked tickets !!   We had a lovely few days together, she helped me with some sorting out and packing and we went for long beach walks with the dog .She returned home looking and feeling better .   Not sure where the relationship is heading but they are a sensible pair and will work things out .

Haven't done any quilting for ages and now that I have to keep the house tidy, ready for inspection at a moments notice, so I won't be wanting to get my fabrics out.  I have enjoyed doing some wool embroidery (Sue Spargo is my inspiration) but haven't felt very creative to be honest.

The year has gone very quickly and it's hard to comprehend that we are on the downward slope to Christmas...  On that cheerful note I will end..   I REALLY hope that this will "post."