Saturday, June 6, 2009

West Mi reporting

Joleen, Your gardens are beautiful. I needed to
see them. Now maybe I'll be motivated to do
something in mine. It is so cool here I haven't
planted anything. I need to thin out and trans-
plant lots of things. I cleaned up and rearranged the
sewing room yesterday so now I'm ready to make
another mess.
Hugs, Mayme

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Doris - I'm glad that the pics from my garden make it seem cooler at your place - :) - It actually is cool here right now. We are having a week of below ave. temps so it is in the 70s. We do have about 2 1/2 acres here, about 1/2 acre of yard and the rest woods - and our yard has been on some garden tours. If you're in the area, stop by...Our neighbor's daughter is getting married in their back yard on the 13th so we probably will have a few "unofficial" tours next week. My neighbor has as many perennials (or more) as I do so there is a lot to see if you like flowers, garden art, etc. Our address is Blooming Woods Drive.

Our first municipal band concert is tonight. The first concert is always a pie and ice cream social at the senior center, then we have a week off and then have concerts every Wed. thru about the first of August at a park in town. There are also concerts on Monday nights at the same park with different performers every week. Truly small town America at its finest. Joleen in Small Town MN

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

posting . . . twice in the same week

Joleen - I just today figured out that if I click on your photos, I get a larger size in my screen. WooHoooooo! It's been quite hot here (92 yesterday) and your garden photos make me feel much cooler, just looking at them.

SARA in FL - Good thing you got the DH's hand checked out. Perhaps he's well on the way to getting healed, since the injury happened so long ago. The brace should help.

This 'n' that --- DH heard from a business associate/friend of his via email today (I've met the fellow and his wife - nice people). The man's sister and her husband were on the flight from Brazil to France that went disappeared/crashed in the ocean. So sad. We just never know how a tragedy will touch our lives, even foreign ones so far away.

Sophie started her dog obedience training last Friday. We have to do homework, twice a day, 15 - 20 minutes per session. Some sessions are better than others. Ack. I'll leave the rest up to your imagination. (LOL)

Hugs to everyone!

Doris W. in TN

Monday, June 1, 2009

pergola pictures/squirl questions

Oh, what a beautiful yard and pergola. I'm green with envy.
Your yard looks like it is several acres.
Does anyone have gardening advice about squirls-that doesn't look right, maybe my spelling is off since the coffee hasn't kicked in. I babied some sunflower seeds and followed all the planting advice, then put them in the yard last week and the squirls ate the tops off of them! I have about 2 doz. more to plant but don't want to just keep feeding the long-tail rats. I though about a cage of wire over them, but don't have one. Maybe a trip to wally-world would reveal something.
I need to vent--scroll by if you don't want to read--
Yesterday morning DH and I went to the emergency room instead of church. He hurt his thumb about 4 weeks ago, and it hasn't gotten better. He was sure it was broken and wanted X-rays. After 2 hrs. in ER the Dr. said it wasn't broken but a bad sprain. Sent us to the drug store for a thumb brace.
Now DH thinks he wants to sell everything and move to a condo at the beach. We did go look at two. About the size of my current bedroom.
I think the guy is having a second mid-life crisis! I thought we were only allowed one per lifetime. Augh! And on top of that 38 yr. old DD and DSIL are going off the deep end. Too personal to go into here. I think the whole world has lost it's mind.
I had surgery on the face on Fri. for the skin cancer. It went OK. Last night I must has slept on that side, as I'm all swollen up now and look like the looser in a boxing match.
Going to go for a long walk and clear my brain.
Sara in Fla.