Monday, June 27, 2016

so pretty....

( If the hen house hadn't been so pretty, maybe you would have been tempted to move the DH over there ...  ) Thank you for posting Rosey.  You know my thoughts on FB...Having joined, I am now tempted to leave....It doesn't provide the same level of exchange as this board.  Maybe, even if it's just you and I who keep it going here, others will drift back too...?

We are off to the UK next Monday.  An interesting time to go, after the shock waves caused by the Brexit vote.  I don't even know which way my family over there voted , but I'm sure we'll find out soon after our arrival !   What now I wonder ?  Chaos and confusion for awhile I expect.  I had some sterling over there and had planned to transfer it to NZ....might wait awhile now, in the hope that the pound will recover slightly...

Crazy weather here in NZ,, as in the rest of the world.  Hottest summer on record , very mild autumn , followed by a mild (so far) winter.  Nice for some but the ski fields are doing it hard,  as there is very little snow around.   We need a few more heavy frosts to kill off the bugs, there have been some nasty coughs and colds around . I am hoping to shake mine off before setting off on that long journey...11hrs to HK then 12 hrs to UK..and those are just the long flights...

We have an elderly friend coming to live in the house while we are away. He will look after our dog ,so that suits us well. He says he is looking forward to four weeks in the country, so I hope it works out well for him..  We have never done this before but the DH thought it a wise move this time around...

Somebody was asking after TerTer on FB.  I was sorry to hear that she is not at all well, Somebody on FB is in touch with her and passed on our best wishes.  She was an almost daily contributor to the original WWQP. so we got to "know" her quite well..  Time eh ?  It waits for no one...

If you are reading this and haven't posted for awhile, drop us a line !

Marion .


At June 27, 2016 at 8:12 AM , Blogger RoseyP said...

Marion, you would not be the first to suggest that the hen house might be a good location for himself when he gets depressed at the end of gliding season. In fact, his brother, who is a lawyer (and they all have a good sense of humour) suggested I keep the chickens and get rid of his brother...(smiling). They have a way of making people chuckle, that family. It's a wonder their mother managed to raise three boys when she got married and didn't know how to use a can opener, as she often said. Actually, their father had to hire a maid because their mother couldn't cope with them, they came two years apart and were a handful, those three boys.

Having someone in to stay in the house sounds ideal. I would love to have someone do this here. Better for the dogs to stay in their own environment. I hope your trip goes well and your cough subsides.

It is shocking, the way the vote went and particularly with David Cameron resigning. I don't think the people realize that their economy will be seriously affected by this decision to leave the EU. Not that there aren't some inherent problems there too. The world seems to be getting topsy turvy these days.

I'm sorry to hear about TerTer (Terry) and I appreciate news of the folks from the former Chat Board coming here too. If not for staying connected with everyone that was on the forum before, I do miss not knowing of them but FB isn't right now for me doable.

Hope you're able to post along the way and let us know about your trip, Marion.

We have guests from Australia departing this morning. While I can't travel because of my immune system, I can bring the world into me with the B&B.


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