Sunday, May 15, 2016

Face book....

I am still struggling with the move although I must admit it's nice to see some names appearing there that we haven't seen here for a few years...   Fran has been my life saver..if I have a problem it is easy to contact her and she seems to be able to set me straight very easily !  It's easy to be swamped with information but it is possible to block it ,when you know how  :)

We have had unseasonably warm weather here, since February . Temperatures are nearly ten degrees higher than normal.  Nice for those whose lives don't depend on the land but disastrous for those who do..

 No takers for our property yet !  We love it here so its not a problem to stay, but it is a surprise that nobody else seems to want it !  We are planning to be away in July for the month, so we don't want anything to complicate that, When we come back we'll tidy the place up for another try in the spring (Sept)

DGC in the UK all have important exams this week.,  poor things.. I hated exams when I was at school.. The eldest is completing his second year at University, the next one his "A" levels at school and the youngest his last year at primary school... How quickly the years have gone by.  Two of the  NZ grandchildren are at University now too, and one still at school. We watched our DGS play Rugby for his Uni at the weekend, It was a good game and his team won !

Better get out in the garden for a autumn tidy- up, before the rain comes and wets all of the fallen leaves...  


PS.  Rosey... somebody was asking after you on FaceBk...!!


At May 17, 2016 at 8:15 AM , Blogger RoseyP said...

It is nice to know someone has thought of me so thank you Marion and I can only hope it was in positive reference. I'm interested to hear of your adventures into FaceBookLand, an education in itself. One day, perhaps. The B&B keeps my inbox fairly busy for six months of the year, I don't want to get myself into more than I can deal with...and knowing me, I'd be hounding the FB page instead of doing my quiltwork...which for now, is important to me. My hands and eyes won't last forever, nor, in fact, will I.
Rosey (these days it's hard to remember who I am !)


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