Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Speaking of dogs, I had to take my Bella to the vet on Monday AM.  Everything started on Sunday when I heard her yelp....I was in the other room so assumed she caught a toenail or pulled a muscle chasing Lady.  However, she did not eat her supper and had a hard time jumping up on the sofa.  It is not like her to turn down food.  On Monday morning she would not eat any breakfast so about 9AM I loaded her in the car and off we went to the Vet.  $215.00 and 3 hours later, she was diagnosed with  pancreatitis.  She was 2 shots after being x-rayed and having her blood tested.  I was instructed to bring her back the next morning for a follow up.  Which I did.  At that visit she was given a 2nd shot, plus a prescription for antibiotics for 7 days, intravenous fluids, and a special canned food that she could have a little bit every  2 hours until the food was gone.  She is to have small meals several times a day for at least a week.  The 2nd visit was only $59.00.  At this rate I am going to have to get a part time job to pay her medical bills.  The vet said this could be a one time thing or it could happen again.   Trying to post a photo....Bella is the one that looks like a yellow Lab.   


At March 24, 2016 at 8:20 AM , Blogger RoseyP said...

Pat, labs are known to clean up the environment, did she eat anything? I'm watching Meg who has similar inclinations though a red tri Aussie. Her speciality is ball point pens. I didn't catch her quickly enough with the last one she shredded and left little bits of crystal-clear plastic plus the stem of the pen. Two serious bouts of diarrhea that afternoon, lots of rice and chicken meals and her tummy has settled down but I'm watching her stools for signs of what I hope is not left in her tummy. And yes, to vet bills, it's not cheap walking into a vet's office with a problem with your pet but frankly, they are worth it to me. My Ceilidh suffered from hemangiosarcoma, which hit instantly though obviously the tumour was growing in her abdomen. It burst one morning and before the day was over, $3,000 had been added to my credit card. I wouldn't do it again because hemangiosarcoma is the final death knell for a dog but we kept her alive and going for five weeks after the initial tumour burst. Loving animals is not always easy but it is worth it, to me and to many, I hope the pancreatitis settles down, Pat.

At March 26, 2016 at 10:35 AM , Blogger Pat Seals said...

No she did not eat anything as far as the vet can tell. That was his first question. He did take an x-ray and that was clear. She is doing much better now. Can easily jump up on the sofa. She is still taking antibiotics twice a day and eating several small meals a day. So far so good. Bella is a lab mix and is a great dog. I sure hope she has fully recovered from this.


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