Thursday, January 21, 2016

Good morning ladies..

It's VERY hot here today and there's no way I can be working out in the garden so it seemed a good opportunity to catch up with friends on the B.B.   The year is well underway, but not too far gone to wish you all the best for the coming months.  Each year seems to be more challenging than the last ,once you are over a certain age...Time for broad shoulders !

All is well in our corner of the world.  The grand-daughter returned safely from her time in the U.K. (6 wks)  She had a great time but came home appreciative of the fact that she was born and brought up in NZ.!?!  I am going up to Auckland for a few days next week to hear all the details of her trip.  She spent Christmas and New Year with family in Scotland , four cousins all around her age, I need to hear more about that !   She missed her boy friend of six years while she was away, and since her return they have decided to go flatting together this year... I need to check that out too !

No movement on the property.  The contract with the agent will be up in Feb. and we may take it off the market then. Neither of us are keen to move and,as we appear to be in reasonable health ,there really is no urgency to get off the place..

The weather here is crazy.  On Monday we nearly lit the fire , it was so cold and wet, Today it must be around thirty already and it's not even mid-day.   A most unsettled summer so far..

All the best ,


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