Saturday, December 26, 2015

Boxing Day..

I hope that Christams day went well for everyone.  It was a hot day here and we enjoyed the usual Christmas brunch with the family and then the Christmas dinner  later in the evening.  Boxing Day the two teenagers decided to do their own thing so DD and Son in law, DH and myself all went out on their little boat for the day. We didn't get many fish but we did see Dolphins playing and gannets diving for fish, all very exciting for land lubbers like myself !  DD lives five minutes away from where we launched the boat and DH loves to go out on it with them when we are up here. We are missing DGD who has taken herself off to the UK for Christmas.  She is staying with our other daughter and family in Scotland  but has changed her ticket and will be returning early as she is finding the short, dark, cold and wet days not to her liking !!!   
Lovely to see more posting, let's try to keep it up !
Marion .


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