Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year

Watching the Pasadena Rose Bowl parade on TV here.  The GA Bulldogs are playing in the local Gator Bowl, but it is not on TV.
I'm also glad to see all the posts and pictures.
Our Christmas ws fun, hectic, and the decorations are mostly still up.  The ear infection, cold, etc between Thanksgiving and Christmas kept me down for the count for a while, but better now.  Went to Jo-Ann's yesterday for the sale.  Will start a new project soon.  Decided to use up some of my beach fabric, doing sandpails on a sand colored background.  Will use about 5 different sands, and about 10-12ndifferent beach prints.  Hopefully I can post a few here in the coming months.
DD and SIL will be back Tomorrow evening and extended family Sunday evening for the memorial service for Mom on Monday.
Hope we are all happy and healthy in 2016.   No moew shingles!  DD had it, I had the vacine 6 years ago, but don't think I can have another one after this wears off, as I had radiation treatment.  Of course in 4 or 5 years, they could come up with another "miracle cure" for that stuff.
Take care.
Sara in Fla --no longer warm, but foggy


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