Monday, March 7, 2016

March at the beach in Fla.

Hi, I've been out of touch for some time now.  Just the basic housekeeping, etc, and trying and failing to find a good home for 1 dog.  We have had 3 failed adoptions with her, so I guess we will give up.  Sigh here. . . She is a sweet dog, but needs a yard to run in, which we do not have.  I am not always able to take her to the beach to run and play, and am afraid to let her off the leash, #1 against the law, $50.00 fine, and 2-she could run off & get hit by a car.  She is not happy here, I'm not happy taking her out to pee at 6:30AM either.
Attempting to do a king size quilt, liberated quiltimaking II, by Gwen Marston.  An older book, but making sand pails instead of Easter baskets.  I've been collecting beach type fabric for 3 years, and it's time to use some of the stash.
 I'd post a picture, but "I-Cloud" doesn't want to be agreeable most days, so just imagine various sand pails  of different prints, with assorted sand colors as background.  10 per row, I'm guessing 10 rows.
(Rosey- 70degerees  here today, sunny.  I know in August I'll be complaining about the 95 degree heat, but the last few days have been lovely.)

So,, who has used 118" or 120" fabric for a king size back?  Did you order it on line somewhere, or buy it from a local quilt store?
I have called around to a few long-arm quilters, and found one who isn't too much money, with a good reputation for beautiful work.  I had bought 118" muslin from Jo-Ann's but this long-arm person doesn't want me to use a solid.  She said solids show the stitching too much.  (!)  ACK!
Don't have enough yardage to do a good job of piecing anything, --what to do?
I'm looking for a thin batting also, something for the summer, maybe an 80% cotton, 20% polly. any suggestions for brands?  I've been told Quilter's Dream , but no one seems to carry it here in Jacksonville, Fla. and would have to have it special ordered.
Other than quilt stuff, doing OK, fingers a bit swollen, but on an Anti-Inflammation eating plan, which seems to do well when I stick to it.
Sara in Fla.


At March 8, 2016 at 5:23 AM , Blogger Laura in IA said...

Sarah it was 70 in central Iowa today also. It'll be a little cooler and rainy tomorrow but definitely not our usual March weather.

Quilt lite poly batting by Mountain Mist is the lightest I have used. I use it because it does not have all the bonding chemicals that make my nose drip and my throat scratchy as I bind the quilt. I often piece my backs from fabrics I am less enthused about in my stash. It takes a little more time but gets the stuff moved on out of here. Have you looked at Hancocks of Paducah for backs? I also get emails from Web of Fabrics and they had several new wide backs in their latest mailing. I'm not sure they are as wide as you want. Also, there is a chance I am confusing which email I saw the wide backs listed in so just google and see what you get.

At March 8, 2016 at 11:32 AM , Blogger RoseyP said...

Sara, we are seeing a window in our weather here, finally. The snow is slowly melting, we hope, no more ice but it will likely happen. There is light at the end of our winter-tunnel. I don't quilt my quilts any longer. I had an exposure to engine degreaser in 2000 and my hands became compromised at that time. I have a wonderful machine quilter who does my quilts now, never thought I'd go that route as I'm a purist at heart. What I am interested in hearing about is your anti-inflammatory diet if you have time. And I do understand about your dog. It's the downsizing problem that many of us will face at one time or another,

At March 8, 2016 at 6:30 PM , Blogger Sara in Florida said...

Thanks Laura & RoseyP.-- I had forgotten about Hancock's. By the time I get around to calling some of our local quilt stores they are closed. One closes at 4PM. The local stores have terrible web sites. Have found 1 that is 118"wide, she sent me a picture, and it's OK but nothing great.
Rosey, the nutritionist said the celiac is not under control as gluten free isn't enough! Casine found in milk, cheese, and processed, packaged foods should be avoided. So far I've been drinking almond mill, (DH even drinks it!) Found that the coconut milk is too watery. I'm only using pure olive oil and/or extra virgin coconut oil as my oils. Eggs ok, etc. I bought a Practical Paleo book at her suggestion. It answers the "why" of things that I have wondered. No colas, no alcohol for now. I still drink 1 cup of coffee in the morning, -not supposed to have any caffine but if this is my only vice at age 67, I'm going to do it.!!
DH just arrived home, so will sign off.
Sara at the beach.

At March 8, 2016 at 9:11 PM , Blogger RoseyP said...

Thanks Sara, I have an inflammatory disorder and have eaten as you are now for about 25 years since I worked in a health food store when we moved up here to the country an hour north of Toronto. I've also been lactose intolerant since my thirties and found that I needed to avoid the whole cow. A friend described my lactose avoidance as I couldn't eat anything that moo'd in its former life. And I'm as gluten free now as I can, I can still eat wheat but don't digest it well. If I eat wheat, I look for overstuffed chairs afterward.

At March 9, 2016 at 8:04 PM , Blogger Pat Seals said...

Hobbs has a batting that is 80/ machine quilter person specifies that brand and product. I have bought it at Hobby Lobby and have ordered it thru the mail from Quilting Threads. My local quilt shop carries it on a huge roll. They sell it by the yard.

For king size quilt backs, I have stitched together fat quarters that make me wonder why I bought them in the first place. Or I have taken the left over fabric from making the quilt top and stitched that together for a back. Personally though, it is your quilt and if you want a solid color back that is what you should get. Just use thread that matches the back.

Nearly all of the snow we were blessed with last week is gone now. Have had a couple of days of 70 + degree days and that cleared it out real quick. Amazing, the weather changes from one day to the next.

At March 11, 2016 at 1:05 PM , Blogger Sara in Florida said...

Thanks Pat Seals! I didn't know Hobbs made an 80/20 will try Quilting Threads.
Because I want to actually FINISH this quilt I gave myself the deadline of the quilt show. Now, people tell me it has to be "this way" because it is going in the show. Our local Hobby Lobby doesn't have much but the basics. Maybe could get them to order it, but DH says I'm putting the cart before the horse, as it is taking me a long time to get the squares done.
On another note--I crashed my phone, of course I never backed up anything, and having to re-enter all the numbers and addresses. Lost all the pictures too. Nothing too important in there picture wise, just a pain in the neck.
Tomorrow is the big 9.3 walk (is a run, but I can't run these days) GF, her SIL and her daughter will walk with me. About 20,000 people running, etc. Have to leave here by 6:15 AM to get to meeting spot by 6:35. LOL! Hope there is not fog as predicted, as it will be 80 before we are finished, but in pretty good shape for walking. Have been practicing a lot.
Sweet DH is going to grocery store for me right now. He's a keeper.
Sara in Fla.


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