Saturday, November 14, 2015

Reflecting on the state of the world.....

The world is saddened and shocked by the recent events in France .  We live in frightening times. I look out on this scene and find it restful and restorative , I hope you do too...


Friday, November 13, 2015


Well !  That's a laugh !   I've just had a call from the Estate agent saying that the last people he showed through , admired my quilts and wondered if I took orders ....!  No thank you.  I haven't actually finished a quilt for quite some time and I sure don't want the stress of making one for somebody else , just at the moment !   Nice to be asked though !



For those of you in colder climes...close your eyes and imagine the smell of this lovely climber !  It is just outside the sliding doors of our living room. These are wide open for most of the day ,so you can imagine how much I enjoy this time of year.   We are still getting cold days here, and had some rain and hail storms yesterday but more settled weather is promised !!  WE are SO looking forward to that !

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Uuummmm again !

I am left wondering why my last two posts are in red type and why the last few words of my message are at the beginning....  Am I going completely mad ? I can't think I've done anything out of the ordinary...

Doris, how about a photo of your sewing ? I'd love to see those bibs, I bet they are very pretty.

Must go and make a cuppa, what was supposed to have been a nice little "time out ", chatting to my cyber friends , has turned into another cyber mystery.


Another corner of the garden.

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Monday, November 9, 2015


It all seemed so easy last week but now I don't seem to be able to write more than a few lines when I post a photo...   Not that I have much to say but I do wonder  why everything changes so regularly ..

WE have had a few people looking at the property but no offers yet !  Seems we are too far from the city for some, too isolated for others .... there will be a buyer and we can wait....!  At the moment I am enjoying the spring garden with all the colour and renewal. The winter seemed a long one somehow, making the spring very welcome.

We have grandchildren doing end of year exams, all very stressful  but there's no avoiding them ! One grandson hopes to come down to Canterbury for his tertiary study next year , but his acceptance depends on the results of his school exams ...he is particularly concerned.  DGD is beside herself with excitement as she is off to England via Hong Kong on Nov 30 th.  She will be going to stay with our other daughter and family and should have great time . She has just completed her second year  at university so we are pretty sure she will come back to complete her studies next year !  Wouldn't be putting money on it though !!

Have a good week.

The other side of the window.