Saturday, November 6, 2010

Home again

We spent the past week at the cabin. Very cold in the mornings with freezing fog, but by afternoon the fog burned off and we had some spectacular views of the Sawtooth Mountains. This shot was taken from our front yard. You can understand why we don't mind the cold when we have something like this to see out of the window.

Friday, November 5, 2010


Grace, big hugs to you!

I was at the quilt market in Houston over the weekend. Saw lots of neat new fabrics and gadgets. There are a couple of new small irons out, both of which I was able to bring home. I spent way too much money, hehehe, but then most of it is for resale when I have speaking engagements. Gotta spend it to make it. Hoffman is generously supplying batiks for a new pattern I'm working on and I can't wait to get started. I'll try yo post pictures next week.

OK, now for something entertaining. Go to google and hit the maps tab. Click on 'get directions' and put in Japan to China. Once the map comes up, scroll down and read step 43, it's a scream!

Have a great weekend everyone.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

What day is it?

I think it is Thursday, have been traveling to so. Fla. eating at odd hours, sleeping in strange places, etc.
DH and I left last Fri. morning to go visit my 93 year old Mother in West Palm Beach. My brother and his new wife were wanting to celebrate their 1st anniversary by getting away for 3 days. The good part is she is still with us, and doing well mentally, the sad part is that she can only walk with the aid of a walker, and doesn't want to go anywhere. She did agree to go across the street to have a neighbor wash and cut her hair on Sat. morning. Had to get her in the car and drive her over, but she went. She also has terrible anxiety when she doesn't remember something--like when the neighbor changed the appointment time.
Grace-I understand your feeling numb after suffering so many losses so quickly.
Don't know what is worse, having loved ones die, or watch them go downhill and lose their mental/physical health. It makes me appreciate my brother more for caring for her, and appreciate my quilty friends, and friends in general.
I had wanted to take Mom to an orchid show/sale in Delray Beach on Sunday afternoon, but she refused to go. So DH took me down there to spend an hour or so. Bought 1 beautiful white orchid, them went off and left it with Mom by mistake. Maybe I was supposed to buy it for her after all.
We are supposed to be having rain today, for the first time in 30 or so days. Therefore I will get the laundry done and clean out the kitchen pantry. Bought a Women's Day magazine while I was away, it had some good ideas on organization of a pantry, and mine truly needs it. I can't find half of what I know is there. Maybe check out some bins/containers on line for putting all those by one-get one deals on spagetti, etc.
If anyone has suggestions on pantry organization/containers they like, etc. feel free to let me know.
Haven't done any quilting lately, but am GOING to LEARN how to post pictures this week even if I have to borrow a friend for 15 min. to show me.
Love the dog pictures! And the cute puppy. Mine were good on our trip, for the most part.
Sara in Fla.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Just wanting to add my expression of understanding and support to you Grace. It's a sad fact of life that, as we ourselves grow older, we will inevitably lose dear friends and family. Four in one year must be hard to deal with though. Take time and be kind to yourself. Grief takes many forms and shouldn't be hurried.

A busy week here with hardly time to breathe. Spent yesterday with a friend who was looking for a wedding outfit. She doesn't drive and is on a very limited budget. It was a thankless task. We came home exhausted and disappointed. Seems that anybody who is no longer a teen aged "stick insect", is entitled to want anything fashionable or vaguely attractive to wear.. On a brighter note. I stumbled on the secret of looking slimmer ....try on clothes a size larger than you think you are ! Sad but true.

We are enjoying a week of warm sunshine. We are bracing ourselves for the warm North West winds, which usually plague us in November. They blow the garden around and dry the grass out . October gardens are the best this part of the world. Green and fresh and full of colour.

Off out again this morning...



I join in Rosey's expression of understanding and sympathy to you and your DH. That's too many losses in one year for any family to suffer. As we age we do suffer the loss of loved ones at an increasing rate I'm sorry to say. Shutting down is a normal part of the process of dealing with grief. In the meantime, you can count on your board buddies to understand and encourage you to vent here when you feel the need.

I haven't touched a piece of fabric in weeks and by golly that's got to stop. I woke up at 6 this morning and actually felt like getting up and at 'em for the first time in a long time. I've committed to a round robin and, of course, need to put all those blocks together for DD's wedding quilt. I seem to make little progress on keeping up with the mess around here so I'm going to stop pretending. I won't be able to stand to do any cutting for at least a month after my foot surgery on the 18th so I need to get that first center block at least cut out. I've decided to do it with stack 'n whack. I took the class from Bethany Reynolds a million years ago at Road to CA when she had only published the first book. She's a great teacher by the way. I screwed up the cutting on that first effort after getting home and put it all away in a drawer. I've purchased at least one other of her books and have invested is some wild fabric so I'm finally getting round to it.

Kit is gradually improving but has a long way to go. I'll be gone to the annual retreat in Toccoa, GA next week and neighbors will feed her up here if she, as we expect, will not be willing to move in with them. Perhaps when she has no alternative she'll learn to accept their care. Kit's more comfortable with the wife than with anyone else. They are so gracious to volunteer to take on this responsibility. Rocy visits them on his own. He makes his rounds of another neighbor that I know of but never stays too long. He's extremely popular in the neighborhood but then, he hasn't chewed up their $125 hiking boots.

Is anyone else as sick of politics as I?. I checked the local returns on the Asheville paper site and put on a CD a neighbor made from an old Art Tatum vinyl recording. I just may do this more often.

Jane hoping for a bit of sorely needed rain today.


Grace in ONT - No apologies needed for your post. If you don't tell us, how will we know??? I am so sorry you and your DH are having such a difficult year. My next-door neighbors have had a similarly difficult one (each lost a parent, four months apart after lengthy illnesses). Please always feel free to post and share what is going on. Be easy on yourself, allow the grief and "the blues" to happen, as it does seem to help speed along the process.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Please allow us to be the distraction you need in this time of bereavement in your family. No-one needs to compete for the person most up or down; most wacky; most sensible; most humorous........we're a distraction in each other's lives and a good one at that. Thank you Eric and Sue, again, for giving us this forum in which we can share in each other's lives. I'd still like to see more of our 'old' folks posting...I keep prodding a certain person with a great sense of humour that literally has me falling on the floor laughing and checking my bladder in the process...but... I think you know who you are.....

You can post when you're down, Grace, it makes no never mind (as my late MIL Maude Small used to say) to me..and likely to most of us here on the board. We've all lost family and friends and been knocked for a loop or two. Hang in with us, up or down.


time to check in

Hello all,
I have been reading all the posts and enjoying the beautiful pictures. Love you lady with the apron Rosey. She is neat.
I have never been one to want time to go fast , but this year needs to0 end. I want to start fresh and happy in a new beginning. I am just hoping that when the new year comes my brain will have lost all the fuzziness( sadness).We had to come home early from Vancouver Island for another funeral and this one has me a little off balance. I certainly am not being able to concentrate. I sit at the sewing machine for about 15 minutes , totally space out and go back to play some mindless computer game. And I have so much to make. go figure.
In one year DH's family have gone from 8 members to 4 and I know we have no control over this but that should be enough for such a period.
So if I am not on board to much , it is because I really do not want to be the downer when all seem to be so upbeat with lots of neat stuff. Just know that I am enjoying all the pictures and chatter. the puppies are so cute( okay dogs!)
See you all a little later
Grace in On

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Rosey, I hope that you have an appropriate witch outfit for Emily to wear tonight to frighten the neiborhood children who may be out and about. Or, perhaps, in keeping with her pale complexion, a ghost (known in the southern Appalachians as a "haint" obviously a derivative of haunt). Haints are a big part of the oral traditon around here among the many story tellers. Unfortunately there are no children in my neighborhood and I haven't had the little devils at my door looking for handouts since I moved into these parts. The recreation dept. has a big spooky affair for them though. I'm glad not to have any candy around home though.

Most of the trees are bare here and there has been light frost a few nights. Warms up to mid 60s to low 70s most days.