Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mystery injury

My Mom is staying with us for a few weeks while brother is on vacation. Last night DH wanted to take us out to our Italian restaurant we like. She didn't want to go. So, after urging from her we went on anyway. About 2 hrs. later when we returned DH noted a stain on Mom's pants leg.
She had a gash -2 big ones that had bled onto her pants. The blood was dry, so it had to have been there for a few hours. ??? She couldn't think of anything she did, and said it didn't hurt.
I cleaned and put bandages on it, had her change pants, etc.
This morning, while going to make the coffee, I almost stepped on 1 dog, and my shin hit the corner of the fireplace, leaving a cut. Mystery solved. It is in the same place as her injury, just different leg. She must have been walking by and hit it not knowing. Since she is taking BP med. and I'm not she bled more.
Poor dear. She has gone back to take a morning nap now.
On a quilting theme, I finished off the top of the space man quilt, and have been advised to use black batting, since the background is black. No local stores carry it, so had to order from Handcock's of Pad. At least it is done!
Sara in Fla.

Friday, August 12, 2011


I love it. I also have one of those alarm thingies but never thought to use it. I also used the fire guys for another reason, I asked the boss man if he would put the new tag on the dogs collar much too strong for these old hands, I didn't mind asking as it took THREE to put 3 new smoke alarms up, one woman to do the work , one to hand her the alarms and the boss to supervise. You could have had quite a party with your lot I keep picturing one scared kid with the gas bottle. He was probably just as worried about the wine as having to use the gas. At least you were dressed, I told my boys about my faux pas and they are still laughing, the comments about the naked lady will keep them going for ages until I next do something batty.I should have remembered their weird sense of humour, I wonder who they get that from??? Hugs from a cold and wet Bee in NZ.


I use one of those push button emergency connections on a string around my neck. It's great for an old widow with orthopedic problems on top of the hazards of living alone especially in the boonies with no cell signal. It's water proof and it makes a telephone connection when the button is pushed. The call is monitored and a loud voice responds by asking if I need help. I test it once a month. Once I inadvertently set it off and for some reason didn't hear the response by telephone until after help had been summoned. As I was talking to the disembodied voice who was asking after my welfare I noticed the flashing lights outside my house. EMTs come in front and back doors with oxygen tank and first aid kit. The kid with the oxygen tank looked terrified and I suspect that he was a newbie. The responders were all very nice and expressed relief that they didn't find me gasping for breath on the shower floor. Before they left I remembered that I did, in fact, have an emergency. I was about to have dinner and tried to open a bottle of wine (for my heart of course) but couldn't manage to pull the cork after the cork screw was embedded. The guy who seemed to be in charge agreed that I was justified in asking for help in the event of such an emergency and he proceeded to extricate the cork. Everyone had a good chuckle (good for the digestion of course) except for the scared kid with the oxy tank. We all parted on very good terms. I'm glad I had my clothes on else the scared kid would have died of fright.

This didn't want to post and when trying to sign on got an error message. I just went back to the blog web site and hit the post button and here I am. We may be haunted.



I just posted to regular BB to say I could not get in here to post. I was signed in all the time, but was getting that error message. I thought after I posted on BB I would come back here and try the same. In the upper right corner my sign in email was listed, as well as, the words New Post and Sign Out. I selected New Post and "wah la", here I am. Hope others can use this information.

I have also been having some of the regular sites I visit not load and have error messages. I wonder if the spammers, viral people and computer geeks are having a last hurrah before they return to school.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Signing in

Doris tells me that she gets an 'error' on the page when trying to sign in over the past day or so. Sondra Horn also gets that sign but then Sondra doesn't post to the chat board any longer so I'm not sure if I have this message clear. Are others having trouble as well? This is a test to see if my post will go through.

Sara, one of these days I'll post the veg. chili recipe, just been tied up doing other things. Bee, I could picture exactly the image you'd rather not have had the fire department see when your alarms went off. Too funny.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

an exciting morning

Phew last night there was a programme on the Tv about fire alarms and when to change the batteries. I did mine a little while ago so felt quite smug. This morning I was in the shower , no clothes, and the darn thing went off. There I was running around quite starkers, not a pretty sight, no sign of a fire,what to do I was pretty sure everything was OK but still. Rang the emergency # and it was still going and going and just as I heard the fire engine turn into our street IT STOPPED. I felt such an idiot but the fire men were great, checked my alarms and are giving me 3 new ones. I am still shaking I have never had to ring 111 our number and often wondered how I would manage to get dog , cat, passport etc . It wasn't till they had gone I looked in the mirror and my wet hair was standing up quite straight. None of these things happened while Harry was still here . I'll bet he is laughing . Hugs Bee in NZ. PS Sarah I agree with having to be a lady sometimes. I was a JP for 20 odd years and only recently retired, I used to hate the full on dinners we had to go to ,never enjoyed myself, much better having a few good friends to dinner. Bee.

Monday, August 8, 2011

first copy of "Irish Quilting"

Back home from So. Fla. with the 93 year old Mom. Poor thing is so confused. She has quite the anxiety, and has been taking the meds. (lucky she has them). Hopefully she will remember where she is in another day. Had to get her in the shower today, with the aid of a hand grip and the shower chair. She said she felt better afterward. We managed to get lots of water on the floor, which I got up right away so she wouldn't slip.
Received the first copy of Irish Quilting today. This is the one with the candidate for president David Norris on the cover. Eating it up.
Have any of you visited the quilt shops in Ireland? Imagine the fabric is expensive compared to here, but it is always fun to look.
Bee-being a "Lady" is over rated. I manage on Sunday AM at church, and once or twice at a banquet or party, but otherwise just being myself is much more fun. :)
Lots of thunder here, but so far no rain. I have a "thundershirt" on the one doggie, which helps some with her shaking. About 50% better. Mostly they get in my lap or hide under the computer desk.
The beachfront area where we went for breakfast and/or lunch for 35 & years in Lake Worth, Fla. has been torn down to make way for improvement. The little mom & pop place has moved south about 3 miles, and won't be open for another month. Best french toast! The new place doesn't have the view of the ocean, but there is free parking. DH has his 45th High School reunion there in Nov. so will get there then. (not that anyone cares)
Sara in Fla.


We can see a tree which always blossoms in July , I think it is some type of Prunus and it is magnificent. A bright hot pink and it glows. It is by far the first tree in flower here and makes me feel Spring may not be too far away. The Tuis are nectar drinkers and both they and Rosella Parakeets smother the tree. It is only finely branched and the branches both shake and droop when the birds are on it. I am also in love ,don't panic my friends, I am in love with Kaffe Fasett's new fabrics, I went to a new store and Sheryl had a lot of his new fabrics and they are scrumptious. Some seemed to follow me if I need more fabric. I had decided to give most of my fabric to my quilt group as I don't drive and the quilt stores seem to be few and far these days I had decided to buy quilt packs from the USA so much cheaper and very quick to arrive here. It would take me weeks to choose enough fabrics to make a quilt so it seems so much more sensible to buy a pack. Takes a lot of the enjoyment out of choosing everything but age dictates my way of doing all sorts of things. I WILL NOT BE STOPPED I am NOT going to be a lady in my old age but will be dragged there kicking and screaming. My family are quite worried but they haven't seen anything yet.Think that poem about the old lady in purple. Must go I have to be a lady this morning a friend is coming for coffee and I don't want to scare her . Hugs Bee on NZ