Monday, March 7, 2016

March at the beach in Fla.

Hi, I've been out of touch for some time now.  Just the basic housekeeping, etc, and trying and failing to find a good home for 1 dog.  We have had 3 failed adoptions with her, so I guess we will give up.  Sigh here. . . She is a sweet dog, but needs a yard to run in, which we do not have.  I am not always able to take her to the beach to run and play, and am afraid to let her off the leash, #1 against the law, $50.00 fine, and 2-she could run off & get hit by a car.  She is not happy here, I'm not happy taking her out to pee at 6:30AM either.
Attempting to do a king size quilt, liberated quiltimaking II, by Gwen Marston.  An older book, but making sand pails instead of Easter baskets.  I've been collecting beach type fabric for 3 years, and it's time to use some of the stash.
 I'd post a picture, but "I-Cloud" doesn't want to be agreeable most days, so just imagine various sand pails  of different prints, with assorted sand colors as background.  10 per row, I'm guessing 10 rows.
(Rosey- 70degerees  here today, sunny.  I know in August I'll be complaining about the 95 degree heat, but the last few days have been lovely.)

So,, who has used 118" or 120" fabric for a king size back?  Did you order it on line somewhere, or buy it from a local quilt store?
I have called around to a few long-arm quilters, and found one who isn't too much money, with a good reputation for beautiful work.  I had bought 118" muslin from Jo-Ann's but this long-arm person doesn't want me to use a solid.  She said solids show the stitching too much.  (!)  ACK!
Don't have enough yardage to do a good job of piecing anything, --what to do?
I'm looking for a thin batting also, something for the summer, maybe an 80% cotton, 20% polly. any suggestions for brands?  I've been told Quilter's Dream , but no one seems to carry it here in Jacksonville, Fla. and would have to have it special ordered.
Other than quilt stuff, doing OK, fingers a bit swollen, but on an Anti-Inflammation eating plan, which seems to do well when I stick to it.
Sara in Fla.