Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mostly Gus

Thank you Marion, Gus is much better, his face is looking more normal, did I tell you the vet thought he had had a slight stroke and his face drooped, he also would have had a black eye but it is black anyway.He is walking much better and can get in his chair without help.Still gets his back legs muddled up when he goes too fast but improving every day.All our neighbours ,even the ones I don't know, have stopped me and asked how he is doing, isn't that wonderful how all on here , and the other boards are asking about him. He is only a mutt but our beloved mutt. I keep forgetting to ask about Precious, How is she now , very frightened I suspect? In NZ a lot of people go hunting and I remember when Precious Pup was on TV and a friend who was a real hunting, shooting, fishing type of man had a dog who looked just like the cartoon dog . Everyone called this dog Precious and our friend used to get really cross but the dog used to sit and laugh just like the cartoon. Enjoy your family Marion, you must miss them so much. Our DS2 is back from the South Island and is coming for breakfast, pancakes of course.They were coming for lunch but I decided way too hot to stand and cook then so guess what they decided to do . I am still deciding who won there. All is ready so think I will go and water the garden before the trees start to die.. Hugs for now Bee in NZ .

Football crazy here

Today is the playoff between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the New England Patriots. For those of you not in the USA, this is a big deal. The Patriots have not lost a game in 16 games. Their coach was caught cheating in taping the other team's play calling (or something like that) a few months ago.
Since the Jaguars are the home town team here, and everyone loves the underdog, we are all going to sit around the TV from 8:00 Pm until the bitter end.
DH is suffering from some stiff muscles in his neck. At least that is what he thinks. He went to the family Dr. and got pain meds. and muscle relaxants yesterday. X-rays also. He will go to the chiropracter on Wed. morning, and hopefully will get some movement and relief from the pain.
Off to take the cake out of the oven, for the dinner party tonight.
Sara in Fla.

No Snow here Either

Mayme, that is a lovely picture of winter. We've had some magical scenes outside our home as well but after the January thaw and the rains, our grass is showing too. Much needed, the melt on the long laneway into the house. For a few days it was like driving through thick gumbo and the car wove sideways along the laneway just trying to get through about 5 inches of icemelt and slush. I'm ready for more snow but am enjoying the ability to walk around without snow boots on.

Marion, I've been following Sir Edmund Hillary's death notices. Did I hear that his wife and daughter died in Nepal in a plane crash? It's humbling to know that there are some special people who come through this life and not only leave a great mark on it but do something with their accomplishments for the betterment of humankind. His life was remarkable.
Glad you are enjoying daughter #2 and her family being close again. Hard to imagine your heat though.

My sinuses could use a holiday, having decided on Christmas day to pick up the cold that is going around here and I'm now on antibiotics trying to get rid of the darned thing.

I've been renovating the kitchen for two months and the painting and grouting on the wall tile will see the end of it...the paint smell is more than I can deal with and I'll be glad to see the end of it all but have had wonderful people working on it so am grateful for their services.

Jane, you'll be preparing for your knee operation. We must all send good thoughts your way and loving hugs.


Friday, January 11, 2008

Thanks Mayme !

It's 36degs (C) here today ! That's VERY hot for NZ. The photo of the "winter wonderland" was very cooling.

The summer weather seems to have arrived. We've had several hot days this week and I have done very little ! (it's still holidays here !!) We went over to the Bay one day to catch up with DD#2 and family. They are holidaying there with the in-laws. The men are rebuilding the holiday home, so they were very busy, but DD and I took the children to the beach and enjoyed some time together. She had to come to town today to get more building supplies and more groceries, so DH and I drove into town from here, to meet with her and the grands for lunch. DH and I will go over for a night next week, then, I think, DD and the children are coming here for a week before returning to Auckland. Talk of Auckland makes me think of Bee. How is Gus doing Bee ? I hope he's doing well.

Sir Edmund Hillary died yesterday. He was the first to conquer Everest. Famously, he said that "It's not the mountain we conquer but ourselves". He was very well regarded here and a State Funeral is planned. I heard him speak many years ago. He was a fine man.

Oh well, off to keep cool..

West Michigan checking in

We've had a mixed bag of weather this week. We had temps in the 50's,

rain, thunder and lightening. The snow all melted. Yesterday the grass was

green. I will add a photo to show what it looks like here today. It is a winter



Wednesday, January 9, 2008

where is everyone?

Either everyone is snowed in, out in the sun having fun, or sick, I assume.
I'm really bummed! I was excited to sign up for a 3 part quilt class at the local store, with one of my favorite teachers. Then I found out the next day that they had made a mistake in their calendar, it wasn't on Weds. it was on Tues. Well, I'm busy with something else every Tuesday. Rats!
I'lll have to leave my payment there and do something else later in the year, or take a credit in fabric. (Hum, not a bad idea)
The puppy is taking a bit of time being house trained. 90% of the time she is good, the other 10% she doesn't make it quite outside and pees on the floor.
Doris, did you go to Ross Castle? It was in our travel section of the Sunday paper as one of the many castles around the world that is worth seeing. Since it isn't too far from Shannon, maybe we can go there.
It will be in the 70's today. My sinuses are telling me we are in for a weather change in the next 24 hours.
Going to put the last of the Christmas things in the attic today.
Clear the decks.
Sara in Florida

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Checking in

Welp, that cold I got ten days ago turned into a sinus infection. Friday night I went to the Minute Clinic inside our local CVS pharmacy and was out of there with antibiotics in hand in thirty-five minutes. Friday night is definitely the time to go, even for the pharmacy counter.

I have not done anything quilty, but did get this tote bag embroidered for a dear friend of mine.

Her dog is our little Alex's brother. Here is a closeup:

I hope the pictures go through. It's warm here today after lows of 10F several days ago. The DH is in Scottsdale, AZ playing golf and it is colder there than it is here! (serves him right. LOL)

KATHI IN IDAHO - I love the pics of the dirtbike quilts. That is a really cute fabric and the boys look thrilled.

JANE IN NC - your DGKs look very happy with their quilts.

Hugs to everyone,
Doris W. in TN

Catching Up - Long

A blessed New Year to you all, and wishes for healing all around for all the various ailments, whether human or furry friends!

We have been gone for one month, driving to Glendale, AZ to visit my son and dil for Christmas, then to Carlsbad, New Mexico to meet a third cousin I found doing genealogy but had never met, then to San Antonio to see the Alamo, then Ocala, Florida to see an older sister, then to Port St. Lucie, Florida to visit friends for 2 days, then home. Phew....I swear I will never leave home again!! 6,000 miles on the road is just too many, LOLOL.

Stopped and go some groceries before going home, only to find that the refrigerator had quit. Fortunately got home before the end of the day Friday and were able to obtain a repairman for Monday. As an aside note, if your appliances quit, call the number listed in your book to get the company approved repairman. DH went nutsy and hollered "Call (the guy where we bought it) so we did and it cost an extra $75 for him to come out and tell us it would cost $200-$300 to repair but he'd have to call someone else to do the job. Then we found our book and called the 800 number and wound up with a different person than he was going to call and the total cost would be $97.50 including the service call. Let the first guy know we would be getting our own repair, he wasn't too happy about that (we guess he was going to call one of his friends to do the $300 job).

The cold followed us everywhere we went (Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, South Florida) and it did a little flurrying in South Florida (last time it snowed there was 1977 -- I had 400 quilts in my house to hang for a show and no heat (no I didn't use them hahahaha). Glad to get back to Tennessee, it is close to 50s in the daytime.

Love y'alls quilts for your grands! And glad they liked them, I never hear from mine no matter what gets sent to them, Christmas, birthdays or otherwise.

Well I"ll quit yakking now and again, wish all of you the best in the coming year for yourselves and your fur babies. Hugs. Lavinia-TN