Thursday, April 12, 2012

The grand kids arrive today!

It's been a hard few days with care for my Mom, but looking forward to seeing daughter, SIL, and the 4 boys this evening. Although they won't be staying here as originally planned, we will still have some good time together, going out for pizza for the gang tonight.
I'm sure they will want to hit the beach, maybe do some surfing over the weekend.
We've been having lots of smoke here in town the past few days from the many fires in the general area. Yesterday evening the air was sort of orange, very strange. We need rain so desperately!
The last fire was started by lightning.
I've never seen the weatherman talk about "hazardous" air quality before, but on the charts he said it was the worst, for people with breathing problems to stay inside with the AC on.
Things are not good with Mom. I'm looking into long term care, but that will take several weeks to get going, maybe months. I (we) will have to find an elder care lawyer, find out about veteran's widow benefits, etc. May even have to sell her house to pay for care at some time.
My brother was supposed to have the house put into his name several years ago, but he never did it.
On the good news front, my brother is out of ICU and was supposed to start the "big" chemo treatment last night.
Hope everyone is getting some quilting done. I'm hoping to at least go cut up some 2 and 1/2 inch strips today, just for mental health therapy, if nothing else. Maybe even set up the sewing machine and play a bit.
Sara in Fla. --where there aren't any dull moments.