Thursday, January 29, 2009


Rosey, the inlaws are divorced and remarried but apparently they get along fine. They have been very supportive of their ex son in law and have even taken his side on the custody issue as they know how irresponsible their DD is. They've been the ones to pick a sick kid up at school etc. They help "supervise" visitation as ex is court ordered to have such supervision. When she's been allowed to have them without supervision it has always ended up with "I can't wake Mommy up" and they have to be rescued. The wedding weekend for some reason unknown to me is Mom's weekend so that will no doubt be a hassle. Don't understand why that date was chosen.

Things are looking very formal and I have pictures of DD modeling her dress, gorgeous, expensive and formal with a long train and beading. That means mother of the bride will have to do some serious shopping, possibly find someone to make an outfit that really fits. Trouble is, what kind of dress will go with my New Balance cross trainers. I have a pair in black and two older ones in white. I cringe at the idea of dress shoes.

Drove to town today and am joining the girls at the frame and lunch tomorrow for first time since mid November.



Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Jane, meant to say Double Irish Chain...shows you where my brains are in the middle of winter...well, might be more accurate to say the winter of my life, almost..brain farts here and there are becoming more frequent. As to misbehavin', Jane, can't see the list of Grannies being a problem for you with your pithy sense of humour...they might miss half of it anyway. Having been and am in extended family arrangements, some work out very well. My daughter's husband's parents are both divorced and remarried and the daughter from the original pair told them after trying to eat two turkeys the first Christmas that she wouldn't see either of them unless they resolved their differences and so they now all gather for one big (don't know if it's happy) Christmas. On the other hand, I'd say they are the exception rather than the rule. Nothing like a divorce or problems in a marriage to bring the nasties out of the woodpile in families...siding against the offended or offender.

Doris, y'all don't know what winter is like down there but I wouldn't trade mine for yours anyday because we are prepared with all kinds of equipment, including wood stoves, warm sox, woolen sweaters, hats and mittens and when you guys are hit with a storm it's cars sliding everywhere from what I've seen. The birds like it here. We're in the midst of a dandy storm at the moment. I'm getting my snow shoes on and taking off for a stretch.


SARA in FL - 14 miles of training! Wow, I am truly impressed. The most I have ever walked is 6 1/2 miles.

JANE IN NC - I have found the Double Irish Chain from Eleanor Burns' Quilt in a Day book to be the easiest and :::fastest::: I can make. Free-motion machine quilting it took some time, but the queen size top itself took less than a week to make. I think I posted a photo of the most recent one that was a wedding gift to our son and new DIL.

WINTER - this weather is the pits. Here in the Sunny South (ha!) we've had the longest stretch of cold weather that most of us can remember. We just had a nice brief snow shower, with flakes the size of golf balls. Thank goodness the ice storm missed us and stayed north of us. I remember reading somewhere that the Farmer's Almanac predicted a bad winter. Welp, they don't say what part of the country when they make those predictions, but they got it right this year for us.

Hugs to everyone and .... stay warm & dry!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


not wedding ring. I'd love to do the latter but it might never be done. I asked what sized bed and she says she has queen which I knew and he has (I have unbelievable luck) California King!! I have no idea what those dimensions would be.

I have no idea how many of the grannies will be there. He has been rather close to the exes as they have been a big help to him as a single parent. Their darling daughter isn't allowed to have visitation without one of them being present at all times. Yep, it's that bad. I told DD a year ago that they ought to move and leave no forwarding address.

I'm just going along for the ride. This ought to get me going on the quilt room cleanup. I can't afford to delay the start or I should just relax and say it will be an anniversary gift.


In-laws & Outlaws

Ah Heck, Jane, why bother behaving. That's no fun. From the sounds of the family coming to the wedding, they may never notice...

Double wedding ring sounds like a lot of work to me but then I don't do much piecing smaller than a 5" square. August, let's see...what are you going to have to do...can you set a target for each week and see how much you can get done...sort of like Weight Watchers...only no fudging.

The wedding party sounds like a Chevie Chase movie in the making. Should be fun, Jane.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday morning in the fog

OK, I thought I was doing so well this morning getting dressed and out of the house to yoga class by 8:30 AM. Got there, nobody there! Door locked, no teacher. Guess I didn't get the memo.
Went by ACE Hardware on the way home (no sense totally wasting the trip) and asked about triming the dead Lantana, etc. I was advised to wait until the first of March, as we might get another heavy freeze. Yuck! Now I'll have brown plants in the front an back for another month.
On the brighter side, less work to do.

3 cheers for me. I frinished the 14 miles of training on Sat. morning without too much pain, didn't fall or get hurt. We stopped at all water spots, potty breaks, etc. It took us a bit over 4 hours. A long time, but we all got our pictures taken to be in the local section of the paper and we are ready for the 13.1 half marathon in 3 weeks.
OK, going to put sheets on the bed, and get on with the day.
Sara in foggy Florida

Will Wonders Never Cease

My DD#2, age now 47 (48 in April) is getting married at the end of August! She's never come this close before. Into the bargain I get two new DGDs, 9 and 11. That's a lot of quilts. I'd already decided to make her a double Irish chain. It looks so easy. Is it? I knew there was an open ended engagement and the housing market in LA like the rest of the country is wacky but they've set the date. I know that at the pace I work I'll be lucky if I can get it done in time. I'll have a woman in my guild who is a long arm quilter do the quilting. I received the news via email this morning saying, Mark your calendar etc. I emailed back and asked if I behave can I come?

The little girls have too many grannies already. There are his parents in MI, his horrid drunken ex wife has parents who are divorced and remarried and now I'm being added to the list. The ex will no doubt be a fly in the ointment along the way but even her parents agree that she is too far gone to have custody or even unsupervised visitation. I see the potential train wreck but I don't get a vote. DD's a big girl and fairly realistic so I guess she's prepared to deal with it.

Gotta run. If anyone has advice on my choice of pattern for the wedding quilt let me know. In my reply to DD I asked king or queen size.

Jane still hobbling in NC

Sunday, January 25, 2009


That's a wonderful site, thanks for posting it. I especially like the two boob bra, with Bush and Obama on either cup. Some people are so clever and what a great idea.


need a new bra?

I found this link on Mary Lou Weidman's blog, it's great.