Friday, February 8, 2008


Kira came home from the vet yesterday. It was a rough day for her. Once she got on her doggie bed, she did not want to get off of it. Poor thing wouldn't even go out to do her business, but fortunately she didn't do it in the house either.

Her leg is very swollen. The vet says some dogs swell and some don't, and Kira was unfortunate enough to swell. The surgery itself went very well though, and I guess Kira did well.

Today she is much more herself. First thing in the morning she hauled herself up and went right outside to take care of business. I to watch the poor dear hobbling on three feet, but she's already looking like she's getting better at it. I have a feeling I'm going to have a hard time keeping her quiet enough. I guess it's a good thing it's winter; at least that way I can keep her in the house most of the time.

Jane and Kira--both had knees done?! Here's wishing for speedy recoveries!

Jean in VT


This will be short. Sitting at the computer and standing at the kitchen counter are two of the most uncomfortable positions for me. The surgery went very well on the 22nd. On the 26th I transferred to a rehab hospital where I got excellant care with daily physical therapy, occupational therapy and pool therapy. The latter was done in water over 90F, just about body temperature. I was wheeled down a ramp into the water in a pool chair and as soon as my joints hit the water they felt great. By eliminating most of the gravity I could do all kinds of things with little or no pain that couldn't be done with gravity. Came home on the 2nd and I'm getting PT three times a week here and a list of exercises to do three times a day. I'm still taking some heavy duty narcotics for pain and napping. Things are going much better than the last time three years ago. Better surgeon, better hospital etc. Gotta go lie down.


Can't Post

Well I wrote a post yesterday and received an email this morning saying I don't exist. Figure that one out. Lavinia


Thursday, February 7, 2008

crazy weather

So Glad to hear Doris is OK. We have had sea fog for 3 mornings in a row, it looks like a page out of Sherlock Holmes. Right now the fog has burned off, yesterday we had a high of 84. Much too warm for this time of year! I don't want the storms, but please send some rain. We were supposed to get the tail end of some of the storms, but I think only got about 1/8 of an inch of rain. Must go water the pansies. They can't take the heat.
While working on the tree house at the grand's last weekend, we left the camera there. Now I have to have a scavenger hunt to find it so I can get some pictures for here. I may have to get the teckie SIL to help me.
Going to plan a slow day today, hopefully get some things done, such as clean out last year's hurricane supplies! We drank the water, but will have to check the expiration date of the tuna fish, sports drink, etc.
My quilt retreat weekend is this weekend, I went to pay for my one class yesterday, but they wouldn't take my $40.00 check, saying I had to pay for the whole weekend, $195.00! I don't think so!
Will pay on Sat. evening when I go to the one class. I enjoy quilting and the friendships, but I do have more to my life that that, such as DH, puppy and other things.
OK, going to hit the shower.
Blessings to those in the storm areas.
Sara in Fla.
PS-Dorris-please E mail me at sashauer at comcast dot net when you get a chance.


Doris, glad to hear you are all right over there. The only weather we got on this end was a lot of rain for a couple hours, with some winds last night after the rain was already gone. It storms more north of I-81, for some reason or other, and a few counties up north of us and in Virginia and Kentucky were still on watches late yesterday.

Hope Kira is doing well, good thoughts going her way. Pictures are great!

Haven't heard from Jane, either. They got the ice the other night since they are on the other side of the Appalachians. Hopefully she will post soon, meanwhile will try to contact her. Lavinia


Doris, the Tornado made the headline news here as well. So pleased to know that you are safe and well. It must have been a very anxious time for you.
The weather here is cooler but we are still having hot days. The ground is tinder dry and there were two ground fires near here last week. We manage to keep the lawn and garden green and colourful because we pump water from our own well, but DH said today that the level of the well is lower than it's been in the twentyfive years that we have been here..
Any news of Jane yet ? I'm wondering how she is getting on. I hope the recovery is going well.

Time for bed...sweet dreams to any Dugs who might be lurking !


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

dreadful weather

It is an absolute miracle that we were spared from the tornadoes last night, which you've all seen on the national news by now. DH and I were downtown in Nashville, at a NHL hockey game in the big arena. The storms were not supposed to arrive until midnight, but they showed up early. At the game we were asked to not leave the building when the game ended. Once over, we were all asked to go to the lower level.

Buildings were wiped off the face of the earth 25 miles west of downtown, and 25 miles east of downtown. The system went right(!) over us, but "jumped" over the city. As I said, it is a miracle there was no damage to the arena or the city. The scenes of the local damage on either side, the damage at Union University in Jackson, and the deaths is very sobering. The potential for damage and death in the dense population of a metropolitan city like Nashville is frightening.

I didn't even realize the tornado damage was in the Canadian news until Rosey P. called me today, to see if I was okay. Yes, we're all okay. I stayed up until after 2 a.m. this morning watching the radar, until the last line of storms & potential tornadoes moved on through. I hope Jane in NC wasn't hit too hard, as she should be recovering from her knee surgery right now.

I'm sending hugs and prayers for everyone.

Try again

I hope the next two photos load... My computer is sooooo slow...

There we go. The first photo is of Riley, our hound mix. The second photo, the smiler, is Kira, who had the surgery today. I didn't get a phone call, so I assume everything went well. I miss the dear . I'm used to three dogs greeting me when I get home, and it was sad to see only two! We'll be glad to have her back tomorrow!

Jean in VT

Today's the day


Our Kira has the surgery on her knee today. Poor love. I d leaving her at the vet, but I know they'll take good care of her. She was a trooper about going; now we'll see how she likes rehab!

One bit of good news is that the diet we put her on is working; she's lost 5 pounds! Only 7 more pounds and she'll be at her ideal weight. Since the first 5 came off pretty easily, I hope they next 7 will as well. Wish they would for me as well!! lol.

I just realized that my posting page finally has the buttons on the top that everyone was talking about. Don't know why they were never there before, but now that they are, I'll post the pics of my fur family. Since it seems to be locking up on more than one image, I'll start with one dog and hopefully get the other two loaded in a minute.

Send good thoughts this way for my doggie Kira, please,

Jean in VT

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

need some idea

Just a quick request. I found a really neat recipe for a chocolate cake dessert I would like to make this weekend but it calls for "Heath Bars."
Now I can not recall seeing these bars here. I looked up to see what they are and they a toffee chocolate bars.
Are they like our crispy crunch bars? or a softer sort?
Any idea s will be appreciated
Going to make a few more star blocks for my BOM quilt. I only need to make 96 of them LOL

Monday, February 4, 2008

Bernina forums - for Sandra in SC

Well I posted on the main blog site and it deleted my link. would not accept my post when I tried to give the web addy. Aaargh!

Anyway, Sandra, Here is the web site address:

Sunday, February 3, 2008

I just went to have my taxes done. Is it just New Jersey that is requiring to have a receipt for contributions? What are others doing to document charity quilts? Get a receipt from the guild? How much would you say a baby quilt is worth for income tax purposes? Do you go by cost of materials only? Or what is would cost to purchase one? At what price? A cheap store bought? Or a good quaality hand made item?
Sorry for all the questions, but I don't know how to handle this.. Is there any other quilters with these questions? What is your answers?

Donna, LEH,NJ