Friday, September 27, 2013

Greetings from Silverthorn, Colorado

It's snowing!  About 8:10PM central time in the US, and 30 degrees.  We are about 10,000 feet high, a lot different from Florida.
A long tiring drive to Texas, Albquerque N.M. then to the Grand Canyon, and Zion national park  in Utah.  I was not expecting the crowds at the Grand Canyon, and it was a windy day.  Beautiful, but wish we had spent one more day there  to hike.
I HATED the  drive to Utah.  Stark, desert rocks, no one around. Driving narrow mountain roads.  And I was so suprised to see all the international tourists in Zion.  German, South Korean, English, etc.  We enjoyed the 2 mile bike ride, the hiking the "narrows"--water really cold.
Have enjoyed Colorado.  One "easy" hike.  At this elevation nothing is "easy" for me.  Aspen trees are gold and beautiful, Vail is the Palm Beach of Colorado.  Not yet snow season, so not too many people there.  Lots of little shops and summer T shirts on sale, just right for Florida.
This afternoon about 4:00PM it started snowing, and is windy and snowing still.  Hopefully by about 10 AM tomorrow it will be warmer so we can go on another hike.  The bike riding is between thrilling, and shear fear.  Some of the mountain trails are like a roller coaster.  We went down the Vail trail, after driving to the top.
So, having fun on vacation, a much needed get away.
When I'm back home, after resting a few days I will get in touch with the oldest grand son and have him walk me through synching the I-phone with the I-pad so I can post some pictures.
Sara from Florida who is in the Colorado snow.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Americas Cup

DH and I were really "into" the Americas Cup races this year. It was truly an exciting series, and hard to know who would win. For the most part, we believed New Zealand would win! What a surprise that it came down to a final race to break the tie. Wow. NZ has an outstanding boat and sailing team, so yesterday's race was a real nail-biter. Team USA won, but I want to say "well done!" to Team New Zealand, also. Both teams were an even match, thus making it very exciting. I was thinking of our BB'ers from New Zealand throughout the series. My computer went into the shop yesterday because I could not access the internet, although the WiFi was working fine. Repair shop charged me $50 to change some internet access settings, I brought it home and pluged it in, and still no internet. Called the shop, who suggested I try a different plug in the back of the modem. Ta-Daaaaa! Who knew that a modem jack could go bad??? All this new-fangled technology still leaves me suspicious and nervous regarding reliability. We now have our phone connected as VOIP (through the internet). I never, ever thought I would give up a landline phone. We are saving quite a sum on the monthly bill, though, and money talked at the end of the day. DH and I both have cell phones, if all else fails. Well, except their batteries, but I don't want to think about that. I really need to get a new computer, anyway. Ugh.... The good news is that I can still get Windows 7, since Windows 8 is such a variation from the norm and nothing I need. Or want. Ever. ON A POSITIVE NOTE, I finished one of two drapery panels for our new granddaughter's bedroom. DDIL bought all the fabric, and I'm doing the labor. She chose a perfect fabric for the Winnie The Pooh decorating theme and wanted a blackout lining. That lining is not my favorite thing to work with, but it is not the worst, either. I'll be glad when this project is over. WINTER WILL BE HERE SOON and it will be interesting to see what kind of winter we get. There are lots of spider webs close to the house, more than I remember in quite a few years. There have been some large, beautiful ones, too; the type we love for Halloween. I wonder if the number and location of these webs are indicators of a cold-ish winter to come.... Well, I typed this in paragraphs, so I shall hit "Publish" and see if it posts that way. Ah, yes, the Internet and what an adventure. LOL!