Friday, November 15, 2013

From Mary Jo G.

I tried to post comments but cannot. Do not understand that as I can post thru Google elsewhere. Thank you for your kind thoughts. The past two weeks have been wonderful. Am getting better each day and my energy levels are returning. Am even back to quilting working on Christmas gifts. Sara, my radiation was in pill form targeting thyroid cancer. I am in isolation during treatment and have to toss my toothbrush, mouth guard and such after. Can only microwave my own meals and not touch or prepare other's food. All is eaten on disposable dishes and utensils. Must stay away from children and small animals and cannot come closer than 4' to humans. It makes a long week; have done it twice. Yours, with beams going directly to the eye may be much different. Please let us know what your doctor says. The move to the upstairs quilt room will wait till spring after we return from AZ. Meanwhile, I went through all of the quilts stored to lay them flat on the bed now that company is over for the winter. Way too many! Am mailing out 5 this week to cousins, a niece and an aunt. 9 more will become Christmas gifts. The more I give away, the more new ones can be made. Have rotated the 20 in use for winter ones. Two are on each bed, one as a spread and the other folded at the foot. The rest are table toppers or on walls. Now I need to make new pillow covers for the living room to match. DD moved my fabric up this summer and did a wonderful job storing it all by color. The kids took AZ's quilt room things up and put them directly in front of the shelves so I could not reach any fabric. Have sorted and moved all so it is accessible now. Found 25 tote bags with projects (PITS, projects in tote bags). They will be sorted, many eliminated and fabric returned to shelves. Have found that a set of fabrics might have 2-3 possibilities before a final quilt pattern is chosen. Blessings, MaryJo

Sunday, November 10, 2013

MaryJo and Sara

So sorry you are both having so many problems at the moment, it makes one realise we are all becoming so much older and things are happening to our bodies, never mind our minds, that is another story. At least we have our cyber friends to chat to and know we all think about all of you. I don't know if I should laugh or kill my son!!! We are still having fireworks every night and last night some little #$@#$$ blew up my DD's letter box sending a 2 and 5 year old screaming. I am fuming and told my no 2 son what I thought of idiots who did things like that and what I would do if I could find someone like that . There was a deep silence and when he had finished crying told me to look a bit closer to home. Apparently one Nov 5th my no 1 son did throw double happies in mail boxes. I will admit he was a bit smaller but....... His father took the appropiate measures but never told me as he knew I didn't like the things anyway. Hmmmmmm still want to kill him. Hugs to all Bee in a noisy NZ.