Saturday, March 9, 2013

Checking in . . .

DH is busy moving all the clocks forward.... It will be difficult to get up tomorrow morning.  The Spring change is always hard due to the lost hour of sleep.    ;-)

Mary Jo - how is your DH doing?   Better, I hope.

Sara in FL - I'm impressed that you ran the 15k and survived to post about it.    :-D

I have news from this end.    Our son and his wife are expecting their first child in September, so DH and I will become grandparents!  It's so very coincidental that I started taking Pilates classes a couple weeks before we found out.   I needed to work on core strengthening anyway,  and now that I'll have a grandchild to pick up and carry,  'there is less chance that I'll hurt my back and neck.  What timing!

I have had absolutely no sewing "mojo" since last May, but this news has definitely jump-started it back into action.  I"ve made a small baby nightgown already (baby clothes!  so cute! LOL!), a maternity  dress for DDIL,  am currently working on a nice maternity skirt, and also FMQing a WinnieThe Pooh crib quilt kit from Keepsake Quilting.   DDIL works in a business setting and cannot wear sleeveless dresses or casual wear, which is most of the maternity clothing in local stores.   The one really nice shop that has career type clothes sells their dresses for $150 - $250 USD, which is entirely too expensive!  And DDIL is too thrifty.  Furthermore, most of those dresses are sleeveless too.  I can make a nice stretchy knit dress - with sleeves - for much less than that.

I've got to buy some fabric to bind the WinnieThePooh baby quilt, and then I'll be finished with it.  Once all the clothes are finished,  I'll start on a small pieced quilt for the little one.  And machine embroidery some burp clothes,,,, this is just the sewing inspiration I needed.   LOL

I had to mow the grass today.   The lawn is fescue and has been growing over the past month.   Fortunately, my rotator cuff problem was not aggravated by the riding mower.  I've been in Phys. Therapy for it for the past four weeks and I think it is slowly improving, but there are still some bad days.  Ugh. My golf seaon  will be delayed,  hopefully not by much.

Hugs to everyone!

De agony of De Feet

The good news is I finisned the 15K today with my GF.  Not being able to practice much took it's toll.  My plantar started hurting about mile 3 and still hurts now.  It was about 2 hs. 40 min.  Not sure of the official time, it will be tomorrow.  Beautiful Spring day.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

What happened to Anna in Spain?

Someone said that Anna had hurt her knee, (foot, ankle?)  What happened?  And I forgot to add that our local news had a thing about the 2 year memorial of the earthquake in Christchurch, N. Z.  Hopefully things are begining to get building again.
I have been hearing on the Fla. news about a man that was in bed and a sinkhole opened up under his house.  This must have been on Fri. as we were going to see our friends.  Guess when it is your time, even being in bed in your own home isn't safe.
We had a wonderful time with old friends.  Lots of laughter, good food.  I did a dumb thing right at the end.  They have about 4 large sliding glass doors out to the pool, covered porch area, and when coming back into the house one time I slamed right into the glass, nose first.  For about 10 min. I thought I broke the nose, but just swollen, bruised.  My upper lip and sinus area were painful, but I'm OK now.   Going to foot doc tomorrow AM.  Hope he will give me a cortisone shot in the heel so that I can go in the 9.3 run next Sat.   If not for that I would say I'm 90% better.  Hate to miss our tradition after about 15 years.
Cold and windy here, going to be down to 28 or so tonight.  There was a fire in the woods in the Ormond Beach area as we were driving home Sat. afternoon.  Lots of smoke and wind.  Later in the day the interstate was closed, so we were glad we made it by 3PM.
Sara in Fla.