Saturday, November 20, 2010


I love all the photos everyone is sharing -- dogs, quilts, people, scenery. This is such a nice feature of our new home here, that Eric has provided for us. Thank you, Eric, and thank you ladies for sharing your photos. I must admit I love seeing the quilts, but the dog photos are especially fun, as I am a lifelong dog lover.

It is so hard to believe that our (American) Thanksgiving Day is five days away. Then the holiday shopping madness begins.

I am still formulating, in my head of course, my next quilt. It won't happen until I get some clothing projects done, but I still think either machine embroidery or appliqué will be the block technique. I recently purchased Sharon Pederson's "Rose of Sharon" DVD and patterns are included. It has that Baltimore feel to it, to which I am always drawn.

and one from the beginners class....

Couldn't resist the opportunity to "hang" my latest efforts alongside such beauties !!

Well done Sandi. I love your work and enjoyed browsing on your web-page recently. I remember you before you were famous (!) and have followed your career with interest. Rosey, I've always admired that pattern of yours and it looks as if your friend has done it justice.

My little quilt has been made for a fund raising auction to be held next week. I hope it attracts some bids ! My thumbs are sore from the applique and hand quilting, but I did enjoy making it . Very proud of myself not to have bought any material for it. I'm trying to work my way through what I've already got here (should only take me several decades...)

We've had some very hot weather this week but it is cool again today. A sombre mood, here in NZ. There was an explosion in a West Coast mine yesterday and there are 29 men trapped underground. The rescue operation is all ready to go but they are waiting for indications that it's safe to send men down. An anxious time for families. We are hoping for a happy resolution to the situation. The rescue in Chile last month is an encouragement..


Friday, November 19, 2010

Sandi's quilt

"WOW!!!I love the secondary images!" Friend Beckie's comment after emailing her a picture of your quilt, Sandi. Next question, did you design the pattern and if so, where might it be available. Also, the borders...hard to tell what's going on there...solid until the four corners or what? I also found the secondary patterns, particularly your use of colour, very balanced and good. Very nice quilt. I'm not a piecer but I'd rather have a pieced quilt on my bed before any of my applique patterns as a rule. There is something about a pieced quilt that just speaks of old-time quilting.


This is a blue version of the one laying next to Daisy. It's a BOM that I designed for Blank quilting fabrics. It should be available in stores in Jan. Sorry, I don't have access to who may be carrying it.

It's done in their main basic line called Splash. All almost solids, they are kind of splotchy. This was not quilted and now that the green one is quilted, I need someone to hold it up for a picture. I have a wooden mantel that I can easily pin quilts to for photos, as ling as they aren't quilted and heavy!

This is the picture from Blank's photographer. Maybe I'll hold off on posting the green one until I get his picture!

November morning

Jill, Alex has to be one lucky dog to have made his home with you and how wonderful for the shelter to have it happen. Sandi, I'd love to see a full picture of that quilt lying beside your very comfortable dog on his bed there.

This is a quilt, now completed, by friend Beckie. It was placed on a wall as she was vetting greys for the borders. It won second place at our recent quilt guild exhibit here. The background blocks, which are soft grey batiks, are octagon shapes as can be seen and fitting these all togther, which she repeated in the border treatment, nearly drove her to distraction. She hasn't been able to start another quilt since this one was took a lot of her creative energy. The pattern is from my Canadian Provincial Flowers pattern.
Snow fell yesterday, a light dusting overnight and November has turned into early winter. We're lucky to have had such nice weather until this week. The fires are going, the last of the wicker furniture will go down to the basement for the winter, the picnic tables are tarped and tied up and the deer are coming out of the bush. Cooper, our dog-guest leaves on Sunday but has been facinated by these very large 'dogs' with the white tails.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Since we're into dog pictures, here's my lazy Daisy. She's a lab/pitbull mix but mostly lab in the looks dept. Well, except for the short ears and stripe down her nose.

Jill, your Alex is adorable!

I finally have my fabric (for sale) up on my website and I've added a blog. I'd rather design than write but it was one of those things I had to do. The new issue of 100 Blocks by 100 Designers is out and my block is #175 if you happen to get a copy.

I need to get to quilting the quilt you can see in the edge of Daisy's picture. See ya later!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I just wanted to stop in & say Hi!
I had to google to get here as I have a new computer & am just outta touch period!
I don't see any archives? I can't remember if we had them or not.
The puppies & doggie caught my eye of course so I will add our new pup to the mix.
Losing Dyna broke our hearts & I didn't think we would jump in for quite a while, but Alex (named at the shelter) was just to much to resist. We were at the shelter on someone elses behalf when we saw him. He had been waiting for a family for 5 weeks. He is amazing, full of life, well behaved (except for the hole in my favorite "Girlie Quilt") and best of all fetches! (my husbands dream!).
Not much quilty going on here, busy at work & just don't move as fast as I'd like!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Good for you, Sara

Hope the directions were helpful for you. They worked this time. Cute names; cute pups.