Saturday, May 17, 2008

eye candy from quilt market

Lunch with Sandi at Quilt market

oops, my post is on the quilting side! Jill

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday Morning Irregulars

Two left-over Provincial Flower students kindly and thoughtfully have aligned themselves with Wednesday mornings and quilting here at home; a third comes when she can as she's moved far enough away that it requires an overnight here when she joins us now. We call ourselves the Wed. morning irregulars...sounds like a b*wel movement doesn't it...something older age is glad to achieve. Which brings me to the word 'independence' and Jane: independence is only a word until you loose it. Jane, you've had adversity and fought against being dependent with the loss of your husband, knee operations and now this terrible accident that could have ended your life. I know that you will make it now; you are one gritty woman. I see that I am retired as your secretary as you can now type; a positive step for you.

I volunteer for an organization called Telecheck, once a week. There are a number of volunteers so that the calls can happen once a day. We check on seniors (of which I'm one myself now) who live alone in their homes just to make sure that they are alright. It was started because a man requested such a service after his wife died and he was worried that if he had an accident, died or was unable to care for his cats, that someone would know about it. We don't meet our 'clients' face to face; we are a voice on the phone but we feel that we are friends to our clients and find ourselves more attached to one than another. It's a good service but more than that it brings home the fact that if we live long enough we will all be in the same boat. Jane, fighting for her independence, will get as well as she can with her mobility and hopefully will remain in her home on her mountain as she hopes to do. Independence is a goal worth fighting for. Old age is only a word too until you can see it encroaching over the horizon. I now look at my patch of grass which is growing wildly and of course, Murphy's Law dictates that the lawn tractor has to break down at the first of the season when the grass is growing faster than it can be cut, has happened. Fortunately, we are able to borrow a neighbour's tractor but the dandelions are fighting for attention to be seen dotting the green carpet of grass.

We also have a very silly duck who has decided to lay her eggs in our hedgerow at the side of our field. It is far away from a pond. I have no idea how she expects to lead her babies to it, if they hatch, for I felt the eggs yesterday and many were cold, so I wonder that this isn't a futile effort on her part. I checked on her last night and she flew out of her nest quacking away at me. Having raised chickens, I know the weight of the egg is there with a semi-formed chick but whether they will go full term or not, is another question; that and how, if they do break through the shell, will she ever get them transported over five fields and down to the pond over the hill, will be another question that nature may interfere with. Tiny chicks make good food for predators.

Such is life in the country. It's a great place to be and one that I hope is for Jane (and for myself) for another few years before we all get too dotty to stay in our homes and the dreaded word from the kids comes: I think it's time to go into a nursing home...and then you wonder how you managed to ever get that old!


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

good Morning

Jane, So glad to hear you are on the road to recovery. I was saddened to hear of your accident and how much more serious it could have been. Soon you will be back to quilting again. Take it slow and easy, one day at a time. I read these posts everyday but like everyone else do no post myself much. Prayers to you for continued recuperation. Marge

Monday, May 12, 2008


Good idea. A group of ladies in my guild are doing quilts of valor... an honorable cause.

Ortho released me from boot and wheel chair today. It hurts and I'm very wobbly using a cane but watch my smoke as I work doubly hard to be independent. Hand still has long way to go,

Jane in NC

quilt of


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