Thursday, June 7, 2012


This is what we woke to on Wednesday morning. We had been warned by the weather office that it was coming  but it seemed very unlikely. The day before we had been sitting out in the sun....The snow started during the night and keep falling all day.  Large soft flakes, all very beautiful, but very cold.  Yesterday, we had a bit of a thaw in the afternoon followed by a heavy frost at night, so it's treacherous in places outside.  Fortunately I don't have to be anywhere so am happy to be at home looking out at it !  If I had known that the DH was going to take this photo, I would have picked up the towel by the door (for wiping Holly's feet) and have arranged the cushion in a more artistic manner !?!  

A good time for quilting.  I spent Wednesday afternoon sitting by the fire cutting out fabric for a scrap Tumbling blocks quilt.  I had a very nice one in the lounge room but have given it to friends.  They are easy enough to do if you're not in a hurry !  Very transportable too,  I do it all by hand and don't usually expect to finish one in any set period of time.. !!

This is the first time that I have tried to send a photo using the new format. I didn't expect it to work (!) which is why I didn't take too long choosing the photo. Be encouraged , it really is quite straightforward if you take it step by step.. It would be so good to hear from some more members.

Off to put another log on the fire !