Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Somber news

Found out last night at quilt guild meeting that one of the good teachers at a local quilt shop (see Famous Quilter comment on other board) had lost her adult son to the war in Iraq. We had a very somber meeting last night.
Don't know any more details at this point, but please send out your thoughs and prayers for "Cathy" a teacher at Olde Green Cupboard quilt store.
Sara in Fla.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Finally able to post again! Yea!
We thought we had a virus in the 'puter, but after SIL spent 4 hours last evening running all kinds of virus scans, etc. found it was from a Windows update.
I've crossed my heart and said "hope to die" and will not open any Forward,forward,forwards, etc.
JANE in N.C.- I finished one Quilt of Valor in your name. Just have to put the label on it, and trying to decide what to say. Something to the effect of Thank you for serving our country, and your sacrifice.
I have 3 others at the long arm lady-my quilty room is just so hot in by the time I get in there to do any quilting all that batting in my lap just sets off the hot flashes. Yuck! Who wants to sweat on their quilt?
When they are finished-another 6 weeks or so, I'll do the binding and the labels.
In the mean time, there is a baby boom at our church. Lots of young Navy wives, and post college age people. I think right now 10 are pg. and one just had her baby 2 weeks ago. I'm making up some burp clothes out of cotton flanel as small gifts. --In case anyone is interested--the latest trend here is that the parents don't want to know the sex of the baby. They want to know that the baby is healthy, but not the sex so there can be some suprises left in life.
On the exercise front-I did the 3 mile jog-walk on Sat. AM at 7:00 with the training group. A large group, mostly runners, mostly at least 15 years younger than me. The timed mile for me was 13 min. 40 seconds, so not very fast, but I don't care. Just to be able to have knees and feet and various parts that work are OK by me.
This is a local run set for Feb 15th for a Breast Cancer fundraiser. The local female news anchor battled Breast Cancer 3 times, and she and the female Dr. from Mayo got together with Jeff Galloway to put this on. I have no thoughts to jog 26 miles, but figured with some GFs could manage the 13.
OK-the laundry needs re-booting. Today I'm going to Fly-Lady the laundry, and get the 6 or so loads done and put away before 5:00 PM.
99% humidity here!
Sara in Fla.