Thursday, January 31, 2013

"Upstairs, Downtown" what a hoot.

The take off was really funny.  I did sit down and watch the episode #4 (?) with the twist.  Oh, my, I didn't see that coming.
We had a record high temp. yesterday of 83 (85 at airport) today is windy, rained a bit overnight, and tom. night will be 32.   I think the calendar thinks it is March 1 not Feb. 1.  Hope none of our people were hit by any of the storms, tornados in the south and east of US.  The dogs are bugging me for their walk, but I want to take a shower first.
Have to go to the police sub-station today for a copy of the police report I filed about the identity theft, and send it to TransUnion, credit people.  They will flag the account for 7 years, and share the info with the other 2 big credit people.  I did open some mail sent to Mom at the nursing home, a Master Card was opened in her name, but the nursing home address was on it.  Got nowhere with MasterCard, one #800 number, then another, no live human to help, so after 45 min. of that I gave up.  I can see why people get so upset, I felt like throwing the phone against the wall.
Have a big file folder of all that I have done, hand written notes and all in case I have to prove anything in the future.
Sara in fla

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

more on Downton Abbey

Sara in FL - I was careful to not put up a spoiler, because I didn't want to ruin it.  Sometimes even I can't watch a show I have recorded for a couple of days.

Downton Abbey is  available to watch for free online at the PBS web site:

So if anyone wants to join the fun,  I believe ALL the episodes are there.   Free.     :-)

In addition,  there are some ROFLOL parodies of Downton Abbey on
Here is one of the best, produced by BBC:
There is a part 2 to that parody, which is almost as funny, but the last 45 seconds are absolutely a hoot!

I Won something!!

Not the grand prize, but winning just the same.  I checked my message machine about 5:00pm to hear the lady who owns the quilt shop in St. Augustine say that I won the $100.00 drawing for the shop hop.  Who-woo!.  I may have to zip down there tomorrow afternoon to get it.  I wanted some more of the scottie dog fabric anyway.  Then will return next week with the girl I did the hop with, treat her to lunch somewhere.
Sara in Fla.

A good day out !!!

What a surprise I had yesterday.  A young (50 !) friend phoned me and said she thought I needed a day out and that she would pick me up at ten and take me out for a coffee !!  (nobody ever picks us up as we are at the end of a dead- end shingle road !!) She arrived in this positively gorgeous MG sports car, complete with the long chiffon scarf and white rimmed sun-glasses, and  ......  away we went...leaving the DH in our wake with his mouth open !   We felt like teenagers ! We had a three hour coffee and lunch and returned to her home to pick strawberries, tomatoes and other fresh vegs from her garden, all of which were to return here with me.  How kind was that ?  Isn't it nice to have such a good day out at such short notice and for absolutely no reason at all ?  I felt very spoilt.

Marion .

One of Bonnie Hunter's blogs this a.m. was about Y2K, including a picture of her quilt.  Here 'tis:

Sorry to hear about the floods, earthquakes, and fires down under. We haven't watched the news other than local since the election.  Hope everyone is safe.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Downton Abbey

Season #3 of Downton Abbey is currently on here in the U.S.  and I've been addicted to it from the beginning.    Is anyone else watching?  I was completely knocked over by what happened last night.  Never saw it coming and I don't think anyone did.    I won't give a spoiler here in case anyone else hasn't watched the episode yet, just fasten your seatbelt.   I love the clothing on this show, not to mention the story and history lesson of sorts about this period of time.

Our weather here is back to yo-yo status.  Up-and-down temps.  Ugh.   Brutal cold last week, 59°F here today, and by Thursday it'll be quite cold again.   Forsythia and quince bushes are blooming!    DH played golf yesterday, is playing right now, and might play tomorrow.   Bless his heart.  He hasn't played since November and is so happy to be out there with his golf buddies.   ;-)

I've been up in the sewing room this past week, tidying up and started a new skirt in order to test the pattern alterations.   The fabric is good enough that if it all fits right,  I can wear it.     My Ruby Slippers patches are lurking in a box, untouched for almost a year, and I'm feeling a bit guilty about it.

We have a squirrel trying to nest in our attic.  Arghhhh.....  I've seen a squirrel on the roof a few times, and it came over on the phone cable at the telephone pole to our house.  My critter guy came on Sunday, took a pic of the holes that are chewed, and set a Hav-a-hart trap.   We haven't caught it yet, so it might take time.  He told me that the squirrels are shopping around right now for a nest in which to have their babies.  Oh great.   It is a wild kingdom here  in the suburbs.

I saw on the news about the awful floods in Queensland.   I hope our  Down Under BBers are safe.