Saturday, September 26, 2009

Where Is Everybody?

I thought the board had been jump started. I guess it was a flash in the pan.

Rain, rain go away. It never got as bad as Atlanta but we've had plenty of our own. It's supposed to pass on east and north of us and as with a lot of weather systems, some of it has veered off the Smokys as it moved through east TN and headed up the Ohio Valley. Doris, how has it been in Nashville?

Rufus is crazy with pent up energy but I haven't felt much like taking hikes in the rain and the hips ache. By the way, it turns out not to be arthritis but bursitis. Cortisone shot into the area hasn't done much so I'm resting it and getting lazier and lazier. Will do some weight work in gym tomorrow afternoon.

That's about as exciting as it gets around here.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

sunny september

We are having the best weather of our whole summer this month. It's wonderful, and I hope it lasts into October. I love the sunshine.
My weekend in Sudbury with my QFs was wonderful. None of us enjoys quilting alone, so we enjoyed it enormously. We did a disappearing nine-patch in 2 days (except for the quilting). The birthday boy was very pleased. Lots of laughter, music and great food.
Since I got home, I have been HQing DH's 60th birthday quilt (after all, he will be 62 next month!). Just 2 sides of the border left to do.
DH has been out in the back yard building a storage shed/workshop this week. He's much slower at it than he used to be, but slow and steady gets the job done. He gets frustrated that he isn't as strong or dextrous as he once was.
Hope you're all enjoying great weather, fall or spring as it may be!
Hugs, Brenda in Nn Ontario

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

were back

yahoo, we can get the site back again. I was wondering where everyone had gone.
Wow on the new puppy Jane. Going to have to store up your energy now.
Smashing dress there Doris. I really should get back to sewing some of my own things. Used to make all of it when I had less time than now. Go figure.
Well fall is here, we did not have much of a summer, right Rosey, but the last two weeks have been fantastic. today it looks like it will be raining all day. The Summer was extremely busy, with what I have no idea, but it was so.
Went on two F.A.R.T.s and so now I have to get busy using all I bought. Way too much
Great to be able to visit again. Hope all are well.
Need another coffee and have my day begin
Take care
Grace in On.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Flinging trash in Fla.

I loved the pink quilt, and the picks of Jane's new dog.
DORIS-you are beautiful in the blue suit. When was the DS's wedding?
So glad the quilt board is back again. I was having withdrawal symptoms.
Have spent the last 45 min. cleaning out paper clutter from a file cabinet in the spare bedroom. Drumroll---we are going to turn the room into a workout room. DH has been wanting this for a few years, I have been emotionally attached to the antique furniture, and refused. This was my great-grandmother's bedroom set, Eastlake Victorian bed, dresser and night stand. Have decided to give it to the neice in VA. She and her DH have 4 little girls, and they would appreciate it. Also have some old hats that the girls would like to play dress-up in.
DD won't have any need for it, and I want it to stay in the family.
This will leave a totally empty room, and the carpet has needed to go for several years.
I've jamed the paper shreader with old receipts, etc. Finding lots of travel info for places and B & Bs I've wanted to visit. But, with the internet that stuff is easy to get again.
This past weekend DH & I and another couple went to Panama City Beach for an A/C get together. We took a catamaran trip to see dolphins, relaxed and ate too much.
It's good to be back home.
The huge quilt show here is starting Wed. night with a dinner and a trunk show. I'm treating another GF to it. We can see the quilts without hoards of others there.
I really wanted to go to NC to see the leaves this fall, but $$ of yard work is preventing it. I'm going to plan for a trip the end of April, for our anniversary. Maybe we can spend a week or so there and kayak and raft, bike, and whatever.
Back to the flinging.
Sara in Fla.

Sunday, September 20, 2009 I understand...

Jane, you were lost as soon as you made eye contact !!
Rufus looks very much like a stretched out version of Holly... (a Beagle) and the eyes certainly do have it !! I'm unfamiliar with the Walker Hound so it was lovely to see the photos. We have about three acres here and we have an electric tape about ten inches above the ground , all around the boundary, it's the only way we can keep her on the property. The fence is rarely switched on, but she must have had a "nip' from tape in the early days, as she has never gone through the fence. Our neighbour has a Beagle too and she comes for "play days' occasionally . The fence was not switched on when she came once and she disappeared for 11hours .... I was very pleased to see her when she returned but she did smell something awful ! There are dairy farms around here and I think she had been splashing in the effluent !...... Rosey, so sorry to hear that Karen's dog was run over. Sadly, that's such a common tale .

Another chilly start to the day, but no frost this morning I'm please to say. The window-cleaner is here and I am feeling very spoilt. It's SO nice not to have to do the windows was never a job that I enjoyed or did well. The house will fair sparkle by the end of the morning !

Enjoy the day.


Your granddog was a Plott Hound. The first immigrant Plott had been a game keeper in Germany in the late 18th century. He immigrated here, and I mean here in what is now the adjoining county, late 18th or early 19th century. There were a fair number of Germans who settled this area along with the majority Scotts-Irish. Plott brought a breeding stock of boar dogs and from that the Plott hound is descended. My DB adopted one in Albuquerque without knowing anything about the breed or scent hounds in general. I warned him that the dog had been selectively bred to run well over 100 miles at night after some poor bear. Sure enough, when that dog gets the opportunity once the sun starts setting he's gone. When DB was here in '08 he brought his beloved Luke with him. He, Luke that is, blossomed in this environment. We had to close the dog door before the light began to fade. He never went far but is very wiley about avoiding capture. One night at about 2 AM DB was awakened by the dulcet sounds of a vigorous debate between Luke and a coyote up the mountain beside the house. Without my hearing aids I never have heard a coyote but, unfortunately, they are fairly numerous in these parts. Luke was fine during the daylight hours and made himself right at home in the yard or in the house. He, like Rufus, is extremely affectionate. Now you know more about Plott hounds than you ever cared to know.

Yes, the eyes have it.

It's cooling here and very rainy. All this rain will adversely effect the color season which, along with the economic climate, the tourist business here which normally flourishes in the fall. The brightest color comes later in October when the red maples, red oaks etc. turn with their glorious reds, oranges, yellows. Quite a contrast with the current conditions in dug land.


Sunday a.m.

JANE IN NC - Rufus looks a lot like Smokey, the mascot for Univ. of Tenn. LOL After seeing what he did to your magazines, I think he needs a crate and baby gates. Perhaps he's never been inside a house and doesn't know how to act. You definitely have your hands full. Our Sophie has a very strong prey drive, so I will never dare let her off-leash.

LAURA IN AL - I can't think of any anti-inflammatory that doesn't bother the stomach. As for myself, staying away from simple carbs (esp. sugar & white flour) makes the biggest difference with my arthritis, aches & pains. (NOT what you wanted to hear, I'll bet -LOL) My Gastro guy put me on a double-dose of Nexium last spring, and the side effects had me thinking I had the flu or a sinus infection. It was the Nexium! I now take Protonix, which is apparently just as effective as Nexium and much cheaper. In the long run, none of those Rx's help me and I just have to watch what I eat.

Spending some time on Google helped me with what irritates and what doesn't. A more alkaline diet -- less protein & acidic foods & beverages and more veggies & root veggies --- really help me with my stomach. I'll have to "Google" gastritis - maybe that's what I have, too. Odd thing is that fish oil (omega 3s) and even smoked salmon bother my stomach. Go figure. I'm now trying an enteric-coated fish oil and so far, so good.

How could you ever resist those eyes

Jane, that dog had to be yours. Yes, I'd worry about him picking up a scent too. But he is thin and he needs care. Good luck, I hope you can get his knackers fixed before he takes off again. Those eyes would do it to me.

My daughter, Karen and her family adopted 'Howard' from the Humane Society in their city earlier this year. Howard was a scent-hound as well...a Plotthound (sp?), bred in the hills of either Virginia or North Carolina...And they had a devil of a time with him. He'd been fixed but he loved to bolt for the door and take off. It eventually got him killed right before Karen's eyes in the traffic. She ran after him for three blocks and he got into trouble with a car and was gone. It was his destiny, I guess. He had a loving home in the last few months of his life but the kids were devastated. I think Karen found him quite a strain. It was never Richard, her husband, who hoofed after was always, Karen, the dog is out again...and you know the rest of the story.

I hope you can keep Rufus safe and sound, Jane. What a monkey. He might have to be crated when you go out, what do you think?

Marion, I envy you going into spring at the moment, as always. Thinking of sizing down is an expression of many our age. None of us want to wait until the choice is made for us but it's a cr*p shoot as to when that moment will come.