Saturday, July 6, 2013

One more that I forgot...

The serged ruffle-butt onesie!
That is a shot of the back of the onesie.  That was hard to make becauese it is a 0-3 months size (what was I thinking?!?)  but they're quite easy on larger size onesies.    Instructions are on the Bernina web site.   If you think you ever might want to do this, go ahead and print out the directions now.  Bernina often removes tutorials to make room for new ones.

Soggy in Tennessee

Hi y'all.    We are soooo humid and soggy here after receiving 5  inches of rain over the past three days.  We sort of needed it, but we are ready for it to go.   Some places have gotten more rain, so we'll take our 4" and be quiet.

Old age is not for sissies, but it isn't fun, either.   At a recent annual check-up, I discovered that I am 1/2" shorter in height.    A nasty case of tennis elbow/tendonitis hit in the middle of a spectacular round of golf last week.   And  my OTT floor lamp died.  Not just the bulb, but the whole thing.   From a quick Google, it seems the ballast is probably shot and not worth even trying to fix.Argh!   I'll have some cheese with my whine, thankyouverymuch.   Actually, I feel like Alexander of  the terrible horrible no-good day, who wants to buy a ticket to Australia.

 Oh, and the dog has tendonitis or something with her leg, too, and she's only 4 y/o.   I had to sneak my sunglasses and visor out the front door when I went to walk 3 miles with my neighbor, but she knew what I was up to and became quite vocal about it.   The shoes and clothes gave me away!  DH was amazed and said she had a verbal temper tantrum after I left.   (LOL)   This week, I will have to sneak out the back door.

Well on to brighter topics . . .

Here are pics of some of the things I made for our DDIL's baby shower.... if I can make it work.   I hope these are not going to post sideways, either.   I really do not understand cameras, the software in them, and making them show up here right-side-up.     I deleted them once already, by accident.  Gah.

First are some burp cloths, made from pre-fold cloth diapers and monogrammed on embr. machine ---

Next, a onesie I bought with some machine embroidery added:

Next is a onesie dress.   You can get the free (!) pattern at

Here is a KwikSew #3090 baby gown:

and KwikSew #3089 sleep sack.   I made sleeveless, since it can stay quite warm here until December

So that's it for now.      I'm sending hugs to everyone!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Address for raffle quilt for firefighters

Copied this from Facebook; make checks out to the store: (Love It Again  Fabrics):

For those who want to purchase a raffle ticket for the quilt and are out of town. Please send money to 220 Goodwin St. #4 Prescott, Az 86303. We will take credit card orders in the minimum amount of $10. Thank you everyone for your interest we know that these 19 firefighters are our hero's and the loss of them has touched us all. Our hearts continue to go out to the families.

Firefighters donations

One link for donation to firefighters families is  it's an Arizona organization. There's a Prescott shop also raffling a quilt through August, .  The information is not on the website but came through in a newsletter this morning. I wasn't able to copy and paste, but Love It Again is on Facebook with a picture and ticket information other than where to send for a ticket.  I shared the picture there and the information, but it doesn't say where to send for the tickets, so I commented there.  Also, the TV stations here are carrying pages about the fires. (There's another fire as well)...  and up on the top click on "As seen on tv" there's a page dedicated to the firefighters.  It was mentioned in the newsletter I got that it is NOT correct that Salvation Army is collecting clothing for people.  To the best of my knowledge, so far it has been asked only for monetary donations.  If I find out more, will let you know.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

From Mary Jo

Happy 4th of July to our country!

Our son visited today with dil, great time as they brought the laptop loaded with their winter's experiences teaching in a tiny fishing village. Life is much different there, very stark and hard. Drug and alchohol abuse is rampant despite it being a dry village. Most kids only eat at school as do many adults. The school cafeteria is open to all in the village and serves breakfast and lunch. Kids get an afterschool snack to tide them over till morning. Even though money runs out for food, parents manage to get their drugs, cigarettes and booze. It is very hard to send children home daily to abuse and poverty. I'm proud of them for wanting to make a difference in kids lives.

We are having halibut, corn on the cob, salad and a mixed berry cream pie tomorrow. The base is like cheesecake topped with mixed fresh berries, red and blue on white. Great celebrations all around us with concerts and fireworks. DH is not steady enough to manage going out. Went to lunch today and that was great but he's done enough for awhile.

Am preparing for the second hip replacement July 16. Lots has changed in 2 years since the last. Will be dressing daily and in a recliner after day 1. Up and moving the first evening. Am having a spinal and less general anesthesia as that helps minimize bleeding - a problem last time. DD will be here for 2 weeks. 4 adult grands live nearby to drive and help as needed.

Lots of dental work had to be done before surgery. Radiation affects teeth like meth does. Decay along the gum line is a side effect. Don't know which was worse, the work or the cost. Huge! This radiation was minimal compared to the dosage from the first. Should not have many problems this time.

Just finished a pieced quilt top and plan to applique a firefighter on the center. Could anyone connect me to a donation site for the hotshots who died in the Arizona fire?

4th of July

For our USA people, have a happy, safe,blessed day on the 4th.
We will go to the beach, watch the beach fireworks, and have a few friends over for hot dogs , fresh corn, etc.  I'm making deviled eggs.
Also red-strawberries white-whipped cream, and blue-blueberries.  I have pound cake for others.
Home of  the free, because of the brave!
Sara in Fla.
P-S-book review--Charles Martin- local Jacksonville person has written several good books--The Dead Don't Dance his first was about his wife.  I finished Covered with Rain, and am now on When Crickets Cry.  The Rain book was set here, had some streets that I travel.  The mental hospital mentioned in it is a Retirement Home on the St. John's river nearby.  He mentioned a restaurant I have eaten at often!  All good reads, a Christian theme.  He has a few new ones, but I wanted to read the older ones first.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Arizona wild fires

Our hearts and prayers are with all the families of the firefighters in Arizona who recently had such a terrible loss of life.  For those in other countries, 19 fire fighters lost their lives over the weekend, and 1 in hospital.  Thousands of acres of  land on fire in lightning strike.
Here we are having too much rain!  Daily downpours, wish we could send some out west.
Sara in Fla.