Monday, April 28, 2014

This & That

Sara, getting a home ready to sell is a pain in the butt and money is spent cleaning up all those 'to do' projects that never got done.  You'll be glad when it's all behind you.

The creepiest thing has happened.  As you know, I purchased a new computer in Jan. with Window's 7.  Now, I have been surfing over the past week on the net looking for information on polka dot materials, etc. and came across  As well, I have ordered a Medic Alert bracelet and looked into the Medic Alert site.  Both those things, plus something I looked up on the internet this afternoon, are all showing up on a sidebar on the Internet Explorer site where I Googled the information.  How does this happen.  It's like having a spy lodged in my computer.  There are cookies and things whatever they are attached to sites and I know this must be how they know to feature these ads but is nothing private...not on the internet apparently.


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday check in

Did more clean up on yard yesterday.  At least when there is snow there is no "urgency" to trim bushes.  The yard guy missed a few bushes, so today I'm going to get them, and then give one more try to the back deck.  I tried the DIY method yesterday, but the garden sprayer was clogged.  TSP, clorox , and water, spray on deck, brush with push broom, let wait 15 min, then hose off.  Not quite as good as pressure washer, but saves on borrowing one or renting one.
It does need to be stained again, but will have to hire someone for that.
After a long soak in the tub and a short nap, started the clean of sewing room.  It is going to be a task.
have 2 large bins filled.  Two or 3 more to go.  Will have to put some of the furniture in storage for a while.
Sun is shining, about 75 - 80 here.  Weeds growing faster than the ferns and plants.  Still some freeze damage - though most of it is gone.
I heard water running when I let the dogs out this morning at 7.  One of the sprinkler heads is broken, so have to get the sprinkler person over this week.  Hopefully the drywall person can get here.  He has put us off for other jobs for 3 weeks.
The paperwork to sell has been signed.  The MLS and yard sign go up a week from tomorrow.  Between now and then the prof. photographer from the real estate agent will arrive to take pics.
OH, my.
Exciting times.
Sara in Fla.