Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Home at last

Our Murphy is home again after spending almost a month in the hospital.  He was hit by a pickup on the Monday before Halloween and dislocated his right hip and completely tore up his left knee.  After a long time trying everything possible to save the left leg, we made the difficult decision on Saturday that it would need to be taken off.

Apparently that didn't bother Murphy too much, as he immediately started hopping around on three legs, and doing waaay better than he was doing while they tried to save the other leg.  The vets tell us that they are taught in vet school that dogs have three legs and a spare and that they get along very well on three.  We are just thankful to have our Murphy home and happy.

This picture was taken this morning, just three days post-surgery.  He is still incapable of walking anywhere without carrying something in his mouth.  The doctor tells us that he may be back bird hunting next season.  Amazing!


Monday, November 26, 2012

A "Blogger" discovery

Maybe this is a no brainer for more computer savvy users but I recently discovered that if I cut and paste
a post that I've done here, even with pictures, I can move it to other blogs or emails with the picture included.
I use yahoo and it doesn't except (at least I can't do it) pictures in the text, I have to add them as
It's probably a reflection of lack of skills, but I thought it was kind of cool. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Here's my efforts for yesterday & today. Binding this huge quilt (by machine)
& making four matching pillowcases.
This quilt top is pretty old. This was one of the last projects that my dear sweet
friend Marian & I did together. I forget if hers was the same fabric or different,
different I think.
It sat unquilted for close to ten yrs? decided to get it off my plate.
So this is why it's a little dated. This was right after the "Garden Trellis" pattern
first came out.
I decided to try poly batting to make it a bit puffier & other than making it harder to
apply the binding I think I like the results, not quite so flat.
SO Done is Good!   Jill

Ginger ale, my new best friend

Hi-I just wanted to check in.  I have found out the ginger ale is good for my tummy.  I've been warming it in a coffee mug in the micro-wave, and it is very good.
My DH got a jump on Chrisrmas and brought all the decorations down form the attic on Friday.  The trouble is all the fall decorations are still out.  What a mess.  He promised me we could get all the fall things put away before dark today.
His college football team lost last night to their rival.  We had talked about driving to the game, but the tickets were $150 each.  Since they lost, I'm really glad we didn't spend the money.
I managed to put the label on 2 finished quilts last night, but I am finding that when I have the peace and quiet to quilt, I'd rather take a nap.
Sara in Fla.