Saturday, June 8, 2013

Fabric awakening

Just pawed through everything and discovered I have very, very little that goes from selvage to selvage..just a whole lot of pieces (with a few exceptions).  Meanwhile something tipped over and much of what was on the shelves fell on the closet floor.  So you know what I will be doing for the next day or so... but its too hot to go outside other than to walk the poor dog. (A neighbor was going to loan me some dog booties to see if she would tolerate them, probly NOT LOL she hates her feet messed with.) So will get DH to haul out the ironing board and see if there is even enough to make the 48 x whatever it was size....

Thanks for the input! 

just imagine

an idiot like me trying to get my old dog to eat his new food!!!! He is convinced it is rubbish. I even cut up a sausage and hid a biscuit in each bit and have just watched him eat round the new food and spit each biscuit on the floor ,I am sure I saw a smirk on his face.I keep reminding him that he is a rescue dog and should be thankful he even is fed but he has selective hearing.Hugs Bee.

Our newest Bed&Breakfast guest

We do not live on water; we live up a huge hill from a pond and swamp and guess who came trotting along a week ago, perhaps to lay its eggs up here on the hill.  He/she trotted past the collection of horses next door, made it through the pastures, himself nearly nicked it with the lawn tractor but it scooted out of the way.  For us, it's a large turtle.  Have no idea what the attraction was in climbing the big hill...maybe it didn't have it's turle GPS with it and took the wrong turn.


Tropical storm Andrea

Sara, sure hope you are high and dry after looking at Jacksonville on TV. Hope everyone else is okay as well, what with all the storms/tornadoes. Here we are dealing with summer  again (our 3rd summer here) and already the 111 degrees and so on.  Hoping to make it to Northern California and cool off for a few days sometime and see the redwood trees once again. I miss trees the most and the Great Smoky Mountains and the Blue Ridge. The desert is just not my cup of tea, but it looks like we will be here to the end. 

Here's a POLL for you: I'm going to a sew-in a couple weeks from now, they are either buying Jelly Rolls or cutting their own 2-1/2 inch strips to make small jelly roll quilts.  It's a "Blueberry Social", wear blue and bring something to eat that has blueberries in it.  The hostess is making chicken salad with blueberries for a starter.  Anyhow, I digress. I suddenly decided to make something red, white and blue, and I have plenty of red and blue leftovers (we have to cut 40 strips width of fabric) but not much white. What would you think about using ecru instead of white? (I have a lot more of that)...some has the patriotic things in it like stars and so on, but for some reason just doesn't "grab" me replacing the white.  (Yes, I know it's my quilt and my decision, but I'm getting old and to where I don't want to have to THINK, LOL).  Have hardly done any quilting in the last couple years, my heart is no longer into it altho it used to be almost an obsession.

Hope all are well and staying cool (or warm, whichever the case may be).

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bee & her 'Wheatabix' bathroom floor

Bee, rather than respond, I thought I'd take this into a post because I found your post so descriptive and interesting.  Can you imagine building with material like this.  Boggles the mind even if it was the greatest thing since sliced bread, a Canadian saying as well...wonder if it originated in Britain...we are after all, subject to the homeland...and so, porridge with brown sugar...only way to eat oatmeal...and bananas and brown sugar; french fries with vinegar, not ketchup...that's so U.S. (if you're not from PQ (Province of Quebec, next to our province of Ontario) and have gravy on your 'chips/fries' and call it Poutine.  Gross!)  Bee, I sure hope you get your soggy flooring fixed..I should imagine winter is not a good time to have a soggy bathroom floor.

It is 8:14 pm in Ontario, Canada.  The rain is drizzling down in a very friendly way which means our chimney which has flashing around it that is not working properly and allowing water to trickle down into himself's workshop in the basement will not do so this time after the two storms we had recently which slashed down in a torrential rainfall...the positive side of this is the fact that he's beginning to clear out some of his junk from his workshop cleaning up the water pooling on the floor....he's the proud owner of one hundred or so historical extention cords with two prongs instead of the newer version of three prongs.  One never knows when one will need such a collection of extention cords.  Some museum may wish to lay claim to them, one day.

I am sitting here becoming familiar with neuralgia.  Seems instead of black fly bites, which I felt certain I had, my massage therapist last Thurs. discreetly said:  I think you have shingles over top of your left ear.  Indeed, upon closer sideways inspection, it appeared she was correct.  Last time I had them, a mild case on my tummy, it felt like I had the flu.  When anyone said:  shingles are so painful, I scoffed and said, I was over them before I knew I had them.  Well, it's come back to bite me this time.  Indeed, while I have a mild case, I've had shooting pains up the left side of my head that at one point prompted me to send my son an email to tell him what to do with my worldly goods.  Thankfully, it's easing up some now.  I've found that putting my finger in my ear when the pain starts, helps.  Trouble is, I can't sleep with my finger in my ear.  My homeopath has given me something which is helping as I don't respond well to mainstream medicine.  When I ask him if he thought it would work, he rolled his eyeballs, looked at the picture of Dr. Hanneman and said:  it's good enough for the Royal family.  And it does seem to be helping.  I hope one day westernized medicine will become integrative.    

Weetbix floors

THis is a type of flooring which looks like weetbix, it is wood chips glued together and when my house was built was better than sliced bread(another nz comment). Unfortunately after a few years when it gets wet it goes soggy. MY shower was leaking from the outlet drain and carried under the shower into the bathroom floor. Rosey ,you are correct think of weatabix and that's the flooring, to Sarah, think flakes of wheat mixed with glue and exchange wood bits for the wheat and there you are!!!!! Now I know why I like the real thing not made up rubbish. I am very lucky one of the latest new???? ways to build was a new way to treat timber and a lot of lovely new apartments were built of it , now they are called leaky homes and are going rotten , some big money is involved for these poor people and my floor is nothing to their problems. So much for progress!!!!!! I should have said way back in the beginning the the original is a breakfast cereal which is eaten by a lot of us , but I will never eat them again.It is now breakfast time and I am eating porridge, with of course brown sugar and cream.Hugs Bee in NZ.