Saturday, June 21, 2014

This picture is by Jon Katz, of  He and his wife, Maria were at the dump yesterday when she spotted this colorful collection of pencils.  It will be sent to himself, who also collects marking pens, pencils, writing pens and anything else that strikes his fancy which he feels either he or someone else may use eventually.  This means that he cannot pass someone's garbage on garbage day.  He is not allowed out of the house on garbage day...I wish.  Years ago, I laid down one stipulation:  he was not to pick garbage in his Air Canada uniform.  Not sure he paid any attention to me.  But you see the responses to Bee's posting and how many of us are in a similar stage of our lives, either growing towards a move or thinking about it or having done it, as Bee has and others on the board.  I know that people do read but don't post.  It is a shame when the effort is made to carry the site and yet I know there are times when the new format discourages people from posting.  It is more complicated, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't and I, too, pass it by due to frustration.  But if you read this blog and don't post, your contribution of life is missed.  Take the time, join in, if our small lives are of interest to you, yours will be too.

An interesting aside happened yesterday, when two B&B guests came to our home.  They are from Maryland, USA, here for a family wedding.  When the one guest came in, she said:  you look like that store I visited in New York was called....Gudrun somethingorother...I said, Gudrun Sjoden, she said, yes.  I told her I'd been buying my clothes online for years from this designer.  Here I am in a small community north of Toronto, running a bed and breakfast and a connection is made to my Maryland guest, who said:  I could have bought up everything in that store.  I agree.  Gudrun Sjoden designs for the real body and her colours are delicious...most of all, elastic waists are a big drawing card for me...comfort first, style after.
Rosey in Ontario, Canada

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Still here

but have been only reading. Still trying to get settled here in new house,my furniture is taking so looooong to arrive ,apparently is all made offshore these days. I do have my bedroom suite,kept old bed as it is only 2 years old. Now can finally put things in drawers. Dog and I still fighting about my one armchair,it is his ,and he wants it back. love it here best thing I have ever done, those of you who are thinking of downsizing MOVE NOW, I am so enjoying the knowledge this is my last move.Winter is now here and it is cooling down and is very wet but I don't care, lovely and warm in here and when finished will be really snug. Take care my friends and will catch up soon. Hugs to all a very happy and cosy Bee in NZ.

Just 1 more thing

In case anyone is interested, there is a new mag. from the "Missouri Star Quilt Co." it's called BLOCK.  I haven't subscribed yet, but will when we get back to our house.
The Missouri Star Quilt Co. is a family run business, in . . . . .Missouri!  You can google them or watch their instruction on You Tube.
Sara in Fla. where it's already too hot.

Where is everyone?

Surely it can't be just Rosey and Doris and me reading these pages!  Lavinia ?  Fran?  Others?
Let us know what you are doing.
Sara in hot Fla.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Any news from Lavinia in Phoenix, AZ?

First though, happy Father's Day to all those who are celebrating.
Lavinia-  I was hoping for your update on all that is going on with the Veterans's Assoc. in Phoenix.  It seems from my not too good memory--that you moved there for better Veteran's services for your DH.  Hopefully he IS getting good service.
For those of you outside the USA, there was a recent scandal with the lack of service in the VA-Veteran's Services.  Several people died do to long wait times.  Evidently there were "2 sets of books" sort of like an accounting service cooking the books.
We had a very quiet day.  I went to and from by GF's daughter's wedding, got back Sat. about 3 pm. Three hours of driving the interstate 95 -2 in pouring rain-- wedding was thought to be held inside, but at 15 min. before the sun came out, the chairs got put up, and they were outside after all.  It was good to see the daughter of an old friend get married and so happy.  My first "ethnic" wedding.  GF 's parents emigrated from Syria in the '40's .   At the end of the reception there was Syrian dancing, complete with belly dancer!
2 more weeks at the beach, then pack up everything.  Some back to house, some to storage.  Not looking forward to it.
House is showing, just not selling.
Hot, sunny here.
Sara in Fla.