Saturday, June 21, 2014

This picture is by Jon Katz, of  He and his wife, Maria were at the dump yesterday when she spotted this colorful collection of pencils.  It will be sent to himself, who also collects marking pens, pencils, writing pens and anything else that strikes his fancy which he feels either he or someone else may use eventually.  This means that he cannot pass someone's garbage on garbage day.  He is not allowed out of the house on garbage day...I wish.  Years ago, I laid down one stipulation:  he was not to pick garbage in his Air Canada uniform.  Not sure he paid any attention to me.  But you see the responses to Bee's posting and how many of us are in a similar stage of our lives, either growing towards a move or thinking about it or having done it, as Bee has and others on the board.  I know that people do read but don't post.  It is a shame when the effort is made to carry the site and yet I know there are times when the new format discourages people from posting.  It is more complicated, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't and I, too, pass it by due to frustration.  But if you read this blog and don't post, your contribution of life is missed.  Take the time, join in, if our small lives are of interest to you, yours will be too.

An interesting aside happened yesterday, when two B&B guests came to our home.  They are from Maryland, USA, here for a family wedding.  When the one guest came in, she said:  you look like that store I visited in New York was called....Gudrun somethingorother...I said, Gudrun Sjoden, she said, yes.  I told her I'd been buying my clothes online for years from this designer.  Here I am in a small community north of Toronto, running a bed and breakfast and a connection is made to my Maryland guest, who said:  I could have bought up everything in that store.  I agree.  Gudrun Sjoden designs for the real body and her colours are delicious...most of all, elastic waists are a big drawing card for me...comfort first, style after.
Rosey in Ontario, Canada


At June 22, 2014 at 6:20 PM , Blogger Sara in Florida said...

I'll have to check out Gundstrund Sjoden or however it's spelled. A friend brought us lots of packing boxes to church this morning. (Don't laugh, lots of things go on at church besides worship) Will do some of the small stuff tomorrow, such as the stainless steel ware. Leave 4 forks, knives, etc. then pack the rest. Taking the table centerpiece back to the house, as well as some clothes. Had hopes of walking the beach every morning, but only did it one or two times. Have done the stairwell several times though. 8th floor.
DD and entire Italian side of the family by marriage is in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for a family reunion. About 65 of them! Her sister-in-law paid for most of their flights.
I can relate to the "picking" My Dad, a Psychologist by training, would pick up anything from bottles to pencils to whatever and drag it home. He made "art" out of lots of things, and I guess I get my artsy side from him.
DH is going into a slump, we have a week and 2 days to leave the beach condo, he would like to buy another one, but we can't until the house sells. Maybe it isn't meant to be, but keep telling him that patience is a good thing, the right thing will come up.
Question--do other countries skip the 13th floor in buildings, or is this a US thing? Do builders assume everyone is superstitious? It's always been something I've wondered about.
Heavy thunderstorms here this afternoon, lots of lightning, fun to watch out over the ocean
Sara in Fla.

At June 23, 2014 at 6:03 AM , Blogger RoseyP said...

Sara, I came across this designer in Country Living UK publication some years ago and have no problem with the sizing at all online. The quality of sewing is excellent, the company nice to deal with and Gudrun Sjodens colours are just a little different than what you'd see here in NA. Mind you, the styles have to appeal to you and they do me. I've been wearing that type of clothing ever since I left my 'Talbot' years behind. Meaning that I had the nerve to go out in public in something that felt comfortable and was a bit off the wall design-wise. She's not mainstream.

At June 23, 2014 at 3:38 PM , Blogger Bee said...

I love the styles and fabrics shown in her line and need to lose more weight but have bookmarked the site. What I call smart casual with a twist.

At June 23, 2014 at 4:21 PM , Blogger Doris W. in TN said...

" (Don't laugh, lots of things go on at church besides worship)"
Sara - I am ROFLOL because I know that this is so true!
So there you are, 'doing packing box deals' in the parking lot .... shady characters .... LOL!

There was a time when liquor store boxes were The Best Boxes for moving, but no more. They're made of thinner cardboard and often the stores flatten them immediately, for recycling.

I was not familiar with Gudrun Sjödén stores, but Rosey told me I HAD to visit one in Stockholm, when DH and I were there this past December. Oh my goodness, what a treat for the eyes and soul. The natural fabrics, the colors, the designs,,, it was lovely. (DH was bored but what else is new)
I see on their web site that the only retail site is in NYC, NY. Waaah! I really ought to visit their USA web site more often. :-)

At June 23, 2014 at 6:35 PM , Blogger RoseyP said...

The one thing to note about Gudrun Sjoden, aside from Marion noting that the clothes are for 'colorful' women (meaning I suspect, that they are not tight-assed, as I was accused of being by one of my fellow students who was by the way, from NZ, North Island and a free spirit...she also said that I probably wore flannel nightshirts to bed (and I do), GS will not ship out under a $150 order. Now, I have been 'eyeing' their cotton bastist type curtains for a very long while. I can buy synthetic sheer material for making sheers but after awhile the synthetic sheers start turning grey in colour and don't stay a fresh white whereas the cotton sheers will. And I've had my eye on a top as well in Gudrun Sjoden's summer collection that will make up my $150 minimum order. Now, I feel the need to earn the money before spending it. I'm mid-seventies and I cannot spend my money on what I consider frivolous means even though the curtains would be perfect for my studio windows overlooking the back porch where my B&B guests sit. So, I rather suspect I'm getting close to ordering these curtains and the top. I've just had a full house booking come in for Sat. night and I think I can justify my order...the expense is Canadian Customs and the American dollar exchange, not necessarily the cost of the items on GS site.
And may I add that Doris kindly bought me a lovely scarf from Gudrun Sjoden in's gorgeous...
So hey, ho, if my B&B booking works out this week-end, off I go to buy my curtains and my top...(smiling all the way)..


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