Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Country happenings

Although our B&B is open year round, once it starts to become busier in the springtime, I can afford to hire someone to do my weeding in my flower beds.   Susan, who has helped me now for three years has a sister who is a quilter in the guild I formed in Toronto.  Yesterday she was scheduled to come just after noontime but she was late, which is unusual for her.  When she arrived, she was flushed, flustered and wound up tighter than a tick's bottom.  She had cleaned a village church in the morning, which she said, she does twice a week, and she does some gardening as well for people.  We talked about the church, which she'd left that morning, then she received a call from her daughter who was working close to our home and who had become sick.  Sue had to pick up her daughter and drive her to her home a half hour north and west of us.  Once she got on the hwy. going north, she got in behind a huge trailer hauling a blade from one of the windmills that operate near her daughter's small town. She decided to cut cross country towards the small town and ran into a herd of cows loose on the gravel road.  Someone had left a farm gate open.  So, Sue got out of her car, herded about fifteen cows into the laneway to the house next to the pasture, ran back and closed the gate before the other cows got out...they were simply following the herd that had escaped.....drove her daughter to her home, drove back down to our home and was complexly exhausted when she arrived here.  After hearing all this, I suggested maybe a little bit of communion wine on ice might calm her down.  She said, oh no, I can't do that...as she talked a mile a minute about her experience with the cows.  Then she said, maybe I will take you up on that communion wine...an ounce of red wine on over two ice cubes (it's very hot here at the moment) and she set to work weeding the gardens.  Now, this isn't a daily occurrence for gardeners in cities nor is it here in the country, but then, things happen in the country that would never happen in the city...And this is the garden Sue weeded yesterday.....
Rosey, whose polar vortex has maxed out with the heat....


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