Tuesday, May 6, 2014


What a beautiful sight Rosy! We arrived home from Phoenix last week to similar colors in Iowa plus the Forsythia was in full bloom. On our drive from the airport there were medians of tulips in the center of the road.

I visited the Pella Tulip Festival on Friday and found few of their tulips blooming. I hope to return there this week to drop off some quilts to be quilted and see if the rest have bloomed. The Spring, approaching summer temperatures, is very welcome after that long winter.

In Pella I enjoyed a parade and quilt show then stopped by The Quilted Windmill and purchased Moda's Ladies Album line of fabrics. That will be my Mother's Day gift and it has me very excited. This week I am beginning a new baby quilt for the new grandson to arrive in August. New beginnings. Perfect.


At May 6, 2014 at 8:14 AM , Blogger RoseyP said...

There is beauty in each of those colours and seasons. I think winter brings with it a level of destruction both to people's surroundings and to their souls at times...but then I think of the tornadoes whipping through the mid-west, the hurricanes in Florida and southern states and I guess there is no place on this earth which is an ideal place to live, Laura but yes, both are beautiful in their own right. It's the length of any one thing with the weather that gets to most of us...except Jean out on the west coast whose daffodils bloom in February...but then, the west coast is rainy, too...every place has something. And getting new fabric is the best Mother's Day gift of all...or maybe having family around too but that doesn't always happen.


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