Wednesday, April 23, 2014


You wonder where bad dreams come from !  I woke up this morning, my heart racing, in a panic, I was in a vacation home on the beach, high up from the water (my childhood cottage and beach) but the house was a bungalow, long and belonged to someone else.  I had let the dogs out in the morning, gone off somewhere, left them out all day, came back later in the afternoon, realized what I'd done and that I'd lost the dogs, I ran to the beach, calling them, couldn't remember their names, called all three shih tzus by their names (they are long dead though we moved to the country with the three of them 26 yrs ago) and finally remembered our current two, Annie and Meg, Australian Shepherds and that they were nowhere to be seen.  Then this rabbit, who looks like the two little rabbits living beneath our porches (although I haven't seen them in a few days and heard the coyotes up close at night last Sat. night and hope they didn't get either of them )...this rabbit came up to me, it was arthritic and wanted to be picked up.  I blamed myself for loosing our dogs and now this rabbit needed me.  I woke myself up at 5:30 this morning.  I was afraid to stay in my nightmare, early morning, mare...There seems no explanation sometimes for bad dreams but they are disconcerting. Rosey


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