Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Color in Nature

I truly love the fall colors best but am desperately wanting to see the green of Spring. Tomorrow it is supposed to reach 70 degrees here in Iowa and I am hopeful that will help things along. Rosey is right about needing the patience of a saint for this past winter. I am craving "normal" weather for the season.

I just finished a quilt which I am calling Snowballs in a Cold Snap. I am trying desperately to break the curse of winter. Though I just used blues and whites I can identify with Marion the pleasure of choosing the fabrics. I look at my stash with wonder of all the fabrics I have collected here an there and memories of the times and places of the gathering of it all.

I gathered with fellow quilters this evening and we shared what we were finishing up and answered each others questions then shared a lovely dessert. I always come away inspired to do more with my fabric. Good night. Laura


At April 10, 2014 at 7:34 AM , Blogger RoseyP said...

Laura, please post a picture of your snowball quilt so that we may all enjoy it.

I have two friends who come into quilt on Wed. mornings and we have all hit the doldrums. For me, this is unusual, but I, like my two friends, cannot get myself motivated creatively at the moment and I think we've just hit critical mass trying to deal with what should be more spring-like weather and we've still got ice and snow on the ground. Things are becoming 'unstuck' outside. Yesterday, J. pulled an evergreen branch out of the ice on top of the pool, which until this week, was firmly entrenched in its grave of ice.


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