Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Enjoying Autumn sunshine here.....

Lovely days here, sunny and warm but with a cool nip in the air, first thing in the morning.  We change our time to winter time this coming w/end, so we know where we are heading.  After the long and cold winter that many of you have coped with, you won't hear me complaining about a NZ winter...

Busy days here , out and about as usual, and trying to do the autumn tidy-up in the garden . I'm slower than I used to be (no surprises there !) and can't do the amount of work that I used to do. That's hard to admit to isn't it ?  I put in one very long day last week, cutting things back in the garden and planting a few things for some winter colour.  I felt very pleased with myself until the following day, when I could hardly even get out of bed !  So much for growing old gracefully....!

The grandchildren are back into their winter sports. The boys play Rugby football.  They are both in the same team.  Last w/end somebody tackled the younger boy and his brother took exception to that and tackled the "offender"  . He was 'red carded" for his trouble, so that wasn't a very good start to his season !!  I wish they would join a chess club or something less physical , but that's not going to happen ! The grand-daughter is still at Univercity (!)  We are all pleased about that.  DD#1 and family are all in HK.  enjoying the end of term break from school.  The grand-daughter in that family thinks she would like to go to Uni in Sydney, so she and her father will fly down this week, to look at that possibility... It would be nice for us to have her nearer, she is at school in England, as are her siblings...

Better start my day.  Need to go to the city to visit my friend this morning.  Her progress is slow . It is likely that she will be discharged from hospital  to a Rest Home this week..



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