Friday, March 14, 2014

Our daffodils bloomed today!  High was 60°F and we've had a few warm days earlier this week.  Tree pollen is out and about, and many trees are starting to show buds for sprouting leaves.  My mantra is 'spring will be here, summer will arrive, and hopefully the heat won't be dreadful.'     I know the people who live up North are sick and tired of the ice and snow.  Ugh!!!

I had DGD today, as Fridays are my day to babysit her at our house.   What a joy to watch a little one figure out sitting up unsupported!  (LOL.... life is simple, eh?)  Each week I see progress that one does not notice day-to-day.  I went to a consignment sale yesterday, of children's clothing, toys and equipment, and bought something called an ExerSaucer activity or entertainment center.   There was nothing like this for babies, thirty years ago. The kids have one for DGD at their house, but they're quite expensive.  They call it her "command center."  LOL!  This used one is  old but clean and still functional and only cost me $15.  I wiped it down well with vinegar & water and Abby enjoyed it today.   :-)  I love good bargains, especially on things children outgrow rather quickly!

Hugs to everyone!


At March 15, 2014 at 4:35 AM , Blogger Laura in IA said...

Doris I think when we were busy being parents we had less time to notice the amazing stages of child development. We have 5 grands and one more on the way now and it has been a joy to watch the amazing development as each becomes their own being with a very individual personality. And the equipment and the toys they come with, its hard to know when to stop buying. A good deal is sure the way to go.


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