Saturday, March 8, 2014

Cleaning dinosaur bones for fun?

I've heard of a lot of ways to have fun, but that's a new one. DH & I have spent the last 3 hrs. cleaning out, picking up, etc. the gutters and leaves. NOT fun, but it had to be done. After several breaks I just came in. This is the first nice, sunny day we have had in about 2 weeks. Lots and lots of rain. Cold for No. Fla. 34, 40, windy, burr. The yard has some freeze damage, I trimmed a few things, but the pollen is so bad I decided to be safe. With the dust mask, hat, eye protection, and so on I looked like a space person, so thankfully no one saw me. Have found a new way to irritate the daughter! Not that I was looking. I've been going through lots of old pictures and posted some on line on my facebook page. Her in 1st grade, H.S. graduation picture with the crazy hair. She was not happy. Will send the whole bunch to her and she can do what she wants with them. Also took my Mom's wedding dress off the dress form and instead of spending big bucks to have it put in a shadow box I'm sending it to the oldest niece. At her request. Slowly cleaning out. All for now, DH decided he is ready for a snack. Sara in finally sunny Fla.


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