Monday, March 3, 2014

We are planing to do what Bee is doing

Yes, move. For 2 years I have resisted the thought. Bee is going to a smaller cottage behind her son's. That is a wonderful thing! I wish my daughter and family lived here so I could go have a "cottage" in back of them, but No, we are putting the house on the market in about 4-6 weeks. From there I'm not sure. Maybe stay in the wee,little condo at the beach for a bit. Lots of furniture to sell/give away,store. You may recall I didn't want to go live in a beach condo years ago. Now I have completely changed my mind! The house is 3 bd. 2 bath, large yard, trees, too much to keep up. We are paying for yard service, roof cleaning, and so on. We are both 65 and have survived cancer. Why shouldn't I do something my husband wants to do? He LOVES the ocean, and less cleaning, more quilting sounds inviting. The problem is that property at the beach is very pricy, not nearly as low as this side of the town. It's all relative. From watching all the HGTV house shows in Canada, it seems like a very expensive place to own a home! So, yes, downsizing. Will keep a few family pieces, the bedroom set, and will have to sort all the fabrics, etc. Our real problem is DH's pool table, and all the things that go with it. Maybe someone who buys the house will want to buy it with it in place. So, that's what's going on here, and why I haven't posted in a while. Trying to finish up some charity quilts 30 min. at a time. DSIL flew to Haiti for a mission trip, then was supposed to return to N.D. today. About 80 in Haiti and Miami, about -7 in N. D. I hope the shock doesn't effect him too badly. DD has been driving to and from work at the post office in - weather, and gave her 2 weeks notice. I know the US post office has to be open, but gee, if there is a blizzard and you can't even get out the door, what do you do? Hope they can move to a "larger" town in the Summer. By larger, I mean more than 5 houses. Their next biggest town is Langdon, N.D. where their church is. Surely they can find a place there somewhere to rent?? OK, I have 30 min. before DH arrives home! A quilting we shall go! Sara in Fla.


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