Sunday, February 23, 2014

For Laura in Iowa

Laura, the signatures are faded out and I did not read carefully, how you signed your post so I apologize for missing this and I didn't realize that there were two Laura's on the site.  It's so good to see others participating in posting.  We have so much each of us to bring to the board.  Our lives are like others, not exciting but similar in so many ways and bound together, like the threads that bind quilts.  Iowa, yes, your weather patterns would be similar to ours and yes, a lot of our weather comes up from your way, to Wisconsin, to Michigan and across the border to Southern Ontario as it sweeps across Lake Michigan and Lake Huron, to London, Ontario and further east.  We track our radar from the US to here and watch the storms coming across.

May I, Laura, copy your comments about traditional quilts, for a magazine article that I'm in the process of writing?  I have been concerned for some time about the proliferation of non-traditional quilts and quilters not producing as many traditional quilts.  Nothing against non-traditional designwork, I do it myself.  And, many non-traditional quilts are nothing short of spectacular designwork but I do not give them the title of "art" quilts because not all, are art.  Though many are.  It is the traditional quilt that is the foundation and essence of what quilting is all about and these patterns, well-balanced in design themselves, which so few realize are so, do bring visual comfort and memories, too, to those who look at them.  They are what attracted many quilters to quilting in the first place.  I would not want to see this tradition diminished or lost in the shuffle of creativity in other aspects of quilt designs.

Rosey in Canada where the sun is out and I have Bed&Breakfast guests to feed this morning.


At February 23, 2014 at 11:31 PM , Blogger Laura in IA said...

Rosey, Feel free to use my ideas about quilts anywhere. I am guessing there are others who feel this way as well and you would be the one to write the words down in a way that helps others say, "Ah, yes, that's the way I feel." That is what I said, to myself, when I read your comments on my first post.


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