Sunday, February 23, 2014

Iowa weather

Rosey, I am Laura in Iowa, thus similar weather as Ontario. Our son in Minneapolis often calls to tell us his weather is better than ours. It all depends on the weather patterns as to which of us gets the weather du jour. There is a Laura in Alabama as well.

Your comment on the Dresden plate quilt I made, "There is a visual comfort to a traditional quilt..." are the exact words I needed to express the feeling I get when I use the traditional patterns or copy an old quilt. The other part of the comfort is the use of fabrics from sewing other projects which brings remembrances when viewing the quilt(s). As a child I would lay on the bed and tell my mother where each fabric in Grandma's quilts that I recognized was used in the garments mom made for us.

I love the use of many fabrics in Heather's quilt as well. Great to see you learning Windows 7 for posting here Rosey to show us Heather's Oh, Canada! quilt.


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