Saturday, February 15, 2014

Marion - many congratulations to you and DH on your 50th!  So sorry to hear that it was tinged with worry about your best man's wife.  Did you keep any of the tree wood for firewood?

Rosey, I hope your problems with Windows will eventually work out.  Paying for a young woman to come out and go through things with you sounds a good idea.  Our main computer now is an Apple, but I've kept the 'old' one running with an earlier version of Windows and will do as long as possible.    I try not to get upgrades of programs until I absolutely have to.  "When it ain't(?) broken......"  Maybe the designers think they are making them 'better' but when suddenly an essential button disappears and it takes two more presses of the mouse to find it again from then on I get very, very annoyed.  I used one particular publishing program, when I was in the school library, almost daily.  Its last 'upgrade' was a complete re-write, almost turned into a children's version, and in the end I couldn't use the original because the newer Windows wouldn't accommodate it.

Those poor people in southern England and Wales are getting a real hiding from the storms and gales, and so much of North America is getting snow and ice.  Here we've had the longest string of hot days for nearly 140 years, a bushfire burning for 30 days straight across the gulf from us, followed by the highest February rainfall in 45 years!  My cousinx7 in the Swiss Alps is snowed in with the highest level of snow in 60 years.  Mother Nature really seems to be on the warpath.

Take care, everyone.


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