Monday, February 10, 2014

Good to hear from so many people

Finally sat down for 10 min. to check WWQP. Good to hear from so many people, sorry about the terrible weather in Canada, Iowa, etc. Where my DD and DSIL are (the nearest city) it is -2 right now, with a high of 0 today. For North Fla. we have had terrible, cold weather for about 2 weeks before yesterday. Yesterday the Sun actually came out and most of the rain and gloom are gone for at least 4 or so days. When all the snow, etc hit Atlanta 10 or so days ago they were expecting sleet on the bridges here. (This city is around a river, you can't get from one part of town to another without going over at least 1 bridge) Thankfully the low was only 35 that night, and the sleet just missed us. I had a Dr. appt. with my wonderful family Dr.downtown that morning at 8:30, and made it OK. My BP wasnt even high. The bad weathr in Canada and the Northern US. is why the people who flee to South Fla. are called "Snow Birds". I certainly don't blame them. Just got my new Toyota Rav-4 a few days ago and trying to learn all the techie things just like Rosey and all with the computers. It has a GPS, etc, etc. In a few weeks I will master it,, but not stressing about it right now. Finding I can't drive after dark, which is about 6pm here. The eye surgery -- or maybe being 65 is limiting that. Am getting a ride to church tonight for the "retirement" dinner of our wonderful Minister and his wife. I can see fine to drive there at 5:15, but comming home would be a problem. Thankfully DH can drive me home! No quilting here lately. Sara in Fla. (72 and sunny here right this min.)


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